Saturday, August 28, 2010

Attached or Addicted

Thank you, Thank you,....

These were the only words i uttered after my friends handed over couple of gift packs...actually i was speechless.If i say thank you,that mean they are not my closest pals...but i had to say something.

I was deeply moved by the way my friends are inclined to me n my family.I LOVE them,deep love. I guess this an addiction -addicted to friends,friendship,their love.

I am very much excited for my sister marriage.It gives u an amazing feeling when someone grows infront of u and leaves you all of a sudden.Her entire identity changes from surname to place,people,surroundings and what not.

My only pray to god or my jija ji is-take care of my li'l sister.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sir....for wat

Laughing at myself after hearing something strange for which my ears are not at willing to hear at any point of time -"GOOD MORNING SIR" from my junior.
It gives a sense of pride when someone calls me sir but more than that its my deep regret and guilty feeling that WHAT I HAVE ACHEIVED for that 3 letter word.Moreover its a word associated to great personalities whose ordinary lives turned into extra ordinary. Im not fit for it.Im no way nearer to the word.
My understanding says that the respect should be earned butnot forced.
I wanted to spell out one more important change in me.Im back on track,not absolutely but steadily.Im able to concentrate lil bit but should improve alot on it.The reason to concentrate more is may be that im habituated to these problems/issues or found out other reasons for getting entertained my self.