Sunday, May 30, 2010


Im jubilant.Im delighted.Im exuberant.Im in a Euphoric state.Im in very exciting phase in my life experiencing the all new dimensions.Vibrant energy is flowing through my nerves and veins from top to tip of my feet.The ridiculous part is im unable to share it with anyone-i mean i need a good companion for it.
   Time has arrived to really focus on my academics and my future.Till now i was very casual about it which i should wipe off from my grey cells.Though my SIP is bit boring,dis all depends on me how to convert dis into interesting one.

              Who ever reads dis blog, plz wish me all the best....... 


Sunday, May 16, 2010

sip experience

Totally a different place,different people,different experience,and more than that lot of industrial exposure.this is my schedule this hot and sunny summer.its like going 2 office n spending there doing work n returning 2 home tired up...totally a different experience.But now i got to know about the entire process of a manufacturing firm.
        I have to appreciate my parents in this regard,especially my mom,she comes to home at around 7.00 pm leaving at 7.00 a.m and even after that doing all home related work-she'z superb.
        I am going through a lot of twists and turns currently and bewildered how to react to them.I am really clueless.Lets see,as time passes if anything goes fine and arrive at any solution....
     As of now i have to reduce my sleep drastically and increase my concentration tremendously.......  

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Homeland,Sip,emotional atayachar

enthusiasitic,exuberant,jubilant.,,,,all mean the same and rite now im in this phase as im back home after a long gap as if i returned after 14 yrs as lord Rama did. the kind of welcome and attention u get as soon as u step in ur home is wat makes u feel blissful.Even if u had a world trip,the kind of excitement u get after reaching ur home land is undefined.The only feedback i got from my relatives and frns-people over there(noida) dont eat or wat???This was due to my Brucelee body(LOL).
  Before leaving the college i was beign dragged into "EMOTIONAL ATYACHAR".Everyone is leaving the college,giving sendoffs and taking the same,made my heart squeeze.
  Its high time to do a real hard work in my SIP and try to convert it because of not simply for getting a job but for many reasons.I have to dedicate my self and define my path in these 2 months.