Sunday, May 2, 2010

Homeland,Sip,emotional atayachar

enthusiasitic,exuberant,jubilant.,,,,all mean the same and rite now im in this phase as im back home after a long gap as if i returned after 14 yrs as lord Rama did. the kind of welcome and attention u get as soon as u step in ur home is wat makes u feel blissful.Even if u had a world trip,the kind of excitement u get after reaching ur home land is undefined.The only feedback i got from my relatives and frns-people over there(noida) dont eat or wat???This was due to my Brucelee body(LOL).
  Before leaving the college i was beign dragged into "EMOTIONAL ATYACHAR".Everyone is leaving the college,giving sendoffs and taking the same,made my heart squeeze.
  Its high time to do a real hard work in my SIP and try to convert it because of not simply for getting a job but for many reasons.I have to dedicate my self and define my path in these 2 months.

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