Sunday, September 19, 2010


It was an amazing match. For the first time i played football and it was a fantabulous experience. It was a cloudy day, drizzling and played the match in rainy water safe gaurding my goal from my opponents.

I was watching a movie while my friends pushed me onto the field and i must say it to be one of my most memorable sport in my college life. Every one on the field was enjoying at the peak. The effort you put to forward in water is like pushing a bus from behind when it does'nt start.

Every one was shabby,drowned in water and the fight against each team was neck-to-neck and ready to fight for the ultimate victory. My friends appreciated me for my performance and i was glad.

Hope to look forward for such rainy sports which actually relaxes ur cerebrum and activates ur whole body system.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is this FAIR???

I was very desperate for writing dis blog leaving club presentation behind for two express my feelings for my sister marriage and other to convey everyone that how hard it is to leave ur belonging at other place when you are emotionally attached to it/them.

Its very hard to find what is going on in my mind in this foreign language but it gives me a sense of pride and the height of disappointment after my sis marriage....pride because my role has been changed(bro-in-law)and responsibility even. Disappointment because my sis left me ,my house, my family and most importantly her most lovable pet 'Sniffy'. She has to be permitted to "VISIT" our place.

She is no more the same way she used to be...her priorities changed, she has become serious ,she has to get acclimatized to the unknown environment, and obviously she has become a grown up gal.

Why is this culture of taking her to bridegroom family...what about the love and care and the pampering of those parents on that gal since she is been on earth...everything is vanished within hours. Everything becomes good old memories of her to cherish.