Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kasouli-day 2

Where have u been all the day, how did u find the city, what all places u visited and lot more questions were shot at us by Ankur's parents as we stepped into the house.
But leaving all those behind, we brought with us the images of a nearby hill station "KASOULI". Even today our journey went on frictionless drive of about 2 hrs. As we were moving towards our destination, the natural beauty made up gape at it. "Welcome to the green environs of Kasouli". There we are...Kasouli...the hill station we were waiting for...everyone was excited.
The fog was so densely spread all over that no was able to recognize the city from a distance. The manki point situated at a height of 500 meters was well known for the footsteps of lord HANUMAN. We were moving on and on towards the temple and it was as if we are going to touch the sky.
The lunch was too good. we ordered for a spicy food which compensated our cold and freezing body. It was mind boggling to see that we were at a height of 5290 feet above the sea level.
The movie was average(anjana, anjani), the city is very well planned, sectors 22 & 17 are hangout places etc etc....whatever comes to our mind were the replies for their queries...

Saturday, October 16, 2010


We, group of 5 got into the ASKOK LEYLAND's A.C video coach towards chandigarh. It was about 5 hrs of journey. But before that i was done with my final exam of tri-iV ALMOST successfully with the help my mobile camera.

We reached my friend's house at around 11.30 p.m and received a very warm welcome which made me to think as if i am at my home. One thing i noticed and impressed was the transport system stops when the red light glows even at mid night. We were so famished as if we were on a hunger strike or absconded from amazon forest in search of DELICIOUS food. We attacked the food like hunters and added to that the menu was making us dribble.

The next day our journey kicked off with a breezer in hand, loud music in the HONDA CITY having a strong bottom support from GOODYEAR. Boating, shopping, rock garden, Roaming around was part of the day.

Ankur's college, DAV(Dayanand Anglo Vedic)was full of happening and rocking with funky styles and the environment was very much lively.
The evening there was some (navaratri) puja in the house and the banner was named "MAHILA MADALI, sector 68". The bhajan was so good (though i dint understand a bit) but more to that it was li'l bit scaring.

Excited about the trip 2 hill station.....to be contd...stay tuned.....


This blog is delayed due to no time meanwhile. The practical test for the biz. forcasting went the way i expected. It was more of boring test spending for 2 hrs, almost sitting idle. My eyes were rolling round the lab searching for the solutions but as there is no happy ending for any movie, so are there the invigilators hunting for the culprits.

As i opened the excel sheet and kept it idle for 1/2 an hour, the cells were gazing gazing at me and cursing me "u assole do something.why did u woke me up from my day dreaming".

The most craziest thing done in the history of IBA is entering into the gals hostel by one of my friend's(bala). This was a complete shock.

Looking forward for a lively trip which would make me wipe off my disturbances(wat ever happening).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


hello friends,

After a long(actually only 3 days) exam sessions now im feeling little bit easy from all the hectic and heaps of syllabus to be completed in one night. even i don't have a vague idea about the our next exam(so called business forecasting), my forecasting says dat im gonna get a "U" unless and until some miracle happens tomorrow.

As far as cricket is concerned, i thought it to be more than a religion. A game for which everyone gets excited(mad) about. But i never thought it would be more important than one's career. The guy sitting beside me(rahul) was was too anxious that leaving his exam behind, he wanna know whether India won the test match or not. I think this is the heights of craziness if it comes to cricket.

Time to slide into some slides of biz. forecasting....BYE....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Wat's happening to me...why am i so lost...i cannot concentrate...i m not listening wat my buddies say even they sit beside me...why i wanna be out of dis world...why i wanna be aloof...its totally a situation which i never faced and hopefully should not face in future.

My mind is fragmented into minute pieces and each piece is like a huge mountain to me which actually is like a huge heap of dustbin accumulated at one place.for the first time since my college days tears rolled in my eyes and even now they are, just for no reason or its just that may be i cannot reveal it here. Numerous things are going on in my li'l mind which im not able to carry forward and restraining my forward movement. It's just like someone is constantly hitting a nail on my head with a big hammer.

I just want to set my mind free which is not at all happening through any means. May be i should cry out loud...louder enough to get rid off of all these unavoidable circumstances.

Don't know how will i perform in my coming end term exams which is very critical to my career. I have to realign my mind in a right direction which is very big task for me as of now.