Saturday, October 16, 2010


We, group of 5 got into the ASKOK LEYLAND's A.C video coach towards chandigarh. It was about 5 hrs of journey. But before that i was done with my final exam of tri-iV ALMOST successfully with the help my mobile camera.

We reached my friend's house at around 11.30 p.m and received a very warm welcome which made me to think as if i am at my home. One thing i noticed and impressed was the transport system stops when the red light glows even at mid night. We were so famished as if we were on a hunger strike or absconded from amazon forest in search of DELICIOUS food. We attacked the food like hunters and added to that the menu was making us dribble.

The next day our journey kicked off with a breezer in hand, loud music in the HONDA CITY having a strong bottom support from GOODYEAR. Boating, shopping, rock garden, Roaming around was part of the day.

Ankur's college, DAV(Dayanand Anglo Vedic)was full of happening and rocking with funky styles and the environment was very much lively.
The evening there was some (navaratri) puja in the house and the banner was named "MAHILA MADALI, sector 68". The bhajan was so good (though i dint understand a bit) but more to that it was li'l bit scaring.

Excited about the trip 2 hill be contd...stay tuned.....

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