Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Interest"ing Weekend

the reason why i emphasized interest is the seminar which i attended on saturday was simply mind blowing and created the interest factor (both english and in finance terms) to think twice before executing a made me think what is the benefit im getting and giving and inturn increasing the simple terms value(v)=benefit(b)/price(p).this will be calulated for a business-what is the benifit the customers are paying for the price paid.are they getting more that what they paid or not.
         The lecture delivered by Mr.David was extremely fabulous. He was an enthusiastic guy with a very good sense of thing i observed the difference between the eastern and western people is that the later will be gelling up with whatever might be the environment and people.
       Today we have guest lecture on internet marketing at was very interesting as i have fair knowledge on it and he was one of our alumini.he gave us a deep insight about what is internet marketing and how search engine is optimized.
    I won the first prize in our college event conducted by bits n quoting this here not because im proud but i gain some sort confidence and increases others expectations on you when u have acheived something and i have to fullfill that.the most miraculous incident today was drinking 'karela' juice in 9 sec which i dont even touch that at home.i thought the glass would be full!!!
                time to make some ppts .....BYE

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was very much eager to write this blog and i could really make out time for it now @ 2.00 after completing my club activity.Today i had attended a worthfull workshop which cannot be measured.It was all about how to become an entreprenuer,how to establish an e-cell in campus and what all events its members should bring in so as to make more fun n make more interesting.
      One thing i was impressed with the conference was the kind of support NEN(venture capitalist) was giving in nurturing future leaders.they provide mentorship,guidance,and even sponsorships.After attending,i got an idea of establishing e-cell in our campus wherein this cell supports some feasible business ideas whatever they need.
          I was pushed down when i was not selected to represent my college in IIM-A.But this conference wiped off that thing.Now that i confident enough to take it might be a succes or failure,i would get the satisfaction that i have started something on my own and the experience i gain is something which cannot jot down.
          Time to say goodbye... and good night

Saturday, January 16, 2010


It was a very hectic day.getting up early in the morning @ 6.40,going to the college for the inter college events cuttinh through the dense fog,participating followed by presentation in my college.
       The events were good in the college.i participated in business quiz and management game.though i was qualified for the quarter finals in the business quiz i was not convinced with my performance.talking about the management game, it was all about making a business plan with a virtual amount of 1crore.I and my friend made it but when it came for a presentation,the given 7 min was not sufficient.any way my college won third prize by other team.then i prepared for the marketing presentation in my was debate in the form of presentation.the debate went up to 12.00 in was nice experience attending late night presentations.looking forward for more.
       i made my choice to choose german as the foreign language.some of my friends chose it for the simple reason "papai"-our foreign language prof.learning a foreign language is interesting and the class was reverberating with a variety of sounds and pronounciations.
            time to say GUTE NACHT and SUBE(ZYUSE) TRAUME(THROYEMA)  which mean

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

jus now came from the celebrations of LOHRI in our every one was drowned in festive around 9 pm we lit up a fire and after that dj party started.i donno how everyone danced(including me) in such a dense fog where we cant see a distance of 10 feet.but that a beautiful view.not even caring wats goin around.
      but i was missing my home.i was missing da major festival of south india and the delicious dishes as well.i donno why i get such ideas at strange occassions.why dont we use the dance floor to generate electricity.this i got when i was staring at the dance floor standing behind.
         there is an event coming up in BVIMR.i should gear up for dat.time for making marketing ppt.....bye

Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday the whole day was the combination of excitement,enthusiasm and implementation of our AOL programe filled with fun as usual.Waking up 7.30 in the morning on sunday will be the most irritating things for the students that too M.B.A but the was fantastic and some ideas.the day started off with some crazy activities to wipe off the dizziness and energize evry part of the body.Kriya went on for another 1 hr.I took a break of 900 seconds which was actually restricted to 180 sec and uploaded my appetite.
      Then we were given a task to earn an amount of Rs.2500 by investing Rs.240 which was a shocking at the same time challenging.the motto was to donate the earned amount for the education of the down trodden team 3 girls were on their way to do some selling of flowers,dth,telephone services.and we 4 boys were on our way to earn through shortcuts by donating blood and raise money.again my ears were bound to hear the shocking news.the hospital does'nt even have a blood bank.our 4 minds were blank like a vaccum.precious Rs.35 were gone for the travelling.we went on to the nearby market to start a so called nano sclae enetrprise in business terms.
         there I saw a small kid doing a child sitting in the freezing weather and doing cobbler work.what the f am i doin one point of time i even thought of cleaning the cars in the hospital parking lot removing my t-shirt hidden under my jersey and show some filmy style of hard core working but attitude,ego n that im an M.B.Aian restricted me.
         I approached a shop owner and got some variants of headcaps and socks of keeping one of my team member as a surity.We went on like a warriors on the battlegound not to fight but 2 plead (in a sense).our very first customer bought a headcap at Rs.55 which was actually Rs.30.i gained confidence but that decreased gradually because that was the first and the last cap sold by my team in 3 hrs.HATSOFF to the sales rep's who never rest their asses and to acheive their targets.
         Evening was full of religious entertainment and my favorite"satsang" included moviesongs,bhajans.and completely immersed in it.  

Friday, January 8, 2010


this is the first tym im writing a blog and i dnt know why i wanna create a blog, may be to store all my memories in written format. Today i went to for the 10th auto expo 2010 in my nation's capital and i was very much excited about the day and it turned out to be more than my expectations.from the start of the day 2 da moment i landed on my bed da whole day my eyes was popping out for the dense fog in the morning, diversified models from each and every company in the expo,the BENZ show,the powerful JAGUAR , luxurious LANDROVER and lots more other "MODELS". The crowd was packed ,hitting,stampeding and nothing was running through my mind except the convergence of design n the engineering work of some great minds. the show stpper was undoubtedly the herohonda which by a very diferent and innovative strategy of getting the eyes of the people stare at dat particular waterfall model. Till now i was not at all interested in any of the cars and least bothered about the new entrants in da 4 wheeler sector.but dat will not be da case anymore.