Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Interest"ing Weekend

the reason why i emphasized interest is the seminar which i attended on saturday was simply mind blowing and created the interest factor (both english and in finance terms) to think twice before executing a made me think what is the benefit im getting and giving and inturn increasing the simple terms value(v)=benefit(b)/price(p).this will be calulated for a business-what is the benifit the customers are paying for the price paid.are they getting more that what they paid or not.
         The lecture delivered by Mr.David was extremely fabulous. He was an enthusiastic guy with a very good sense of thing i observed the difference between the eastern and western people is that the later will be gelling up with whatever might be the environment and people.
       Today we have guest lecture on internet marketing at was very interesting as i have fair knowledge on it and he was one of our alumini.he gave us a deep insight about what is internet marketing and how search engine is optimized.
    I won the first prize in our college event conducted by bits n quoting this here not because im proud but i gain some sort confidence and increases others expectations on you when u have acheived something and i have to fullfill that.the most miraculous incident today was drinking 'karela' juice in 9 sec which i dont even touch that at home.i thought the glass would be full!!!
                time to make some ppts .....BYE

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