Thursday, February 18, 2010

"NO" boundaries

After a long time taking a break from screwed up examz,break from studies,break from college life and assignments.Went to my engg. friend room.He was not close to me at that time but when i met him after a long time i was hugged him with a deep emotion in my heart as if he is the saviour of my busy and frstrated life.He cooked food for me which was delicious.We spent some time in shopping near by mall.
   As i was passing through the lanes,my neck was turned upside constantly to see the gigantic buildings and apartments.the next thought came in my mind was should i be happy for the reason that India is developing or should i feel sorrow by seeing the road side people begging for money/life.I was bewildered.everyone is busy in their own schedules not even bothoring what was happening next door.
   I dont know wheather im in the wrong way or my friends are in the right way.they keep on insisting me not to contribute anything from my side for the college and tell that even if u do u'll not get any recognition from college.but i strongly feel that does'nt matter for me as long as my surroundings and fellow human are good.there will be something from my side if they approach me for some help.for the simple reason i can't say "NO" to any one.i feel that they drew a boundary around themselves and dont cross that but im not that kind.
  Spardha,my  collegemost prestigious annual inter college fest is on feb 20th n participating in almost all events among which biz quiz is my favourite and gearing up hard for that.

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