Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Its been a long time stepping in my blog. This time im gonna write about the above mentioned 3 things but emphasis is laid on the third part...ANNA HAZARE.

It was a emotional moment when my hands reached my salary. It gives immense pleasure after all the hard work u have done during that one month. My heart was filled with all the filmy sentiment and tears rolled off.

Since that day i was on cloud 9 spending my salary lavishly as if im the RICHERICH. We went to JAIPUR which was a very abrupt plan. "2 BIKIES, 3 DAYS, 4 BOYZ, MISSION JAIPUR" accomplished with minor distractions. We started our journey to hunt the most HAUNTED- BHANGARH FORT. There are stories about the fort in which a witch resides and comes out at nights. But to me it does'nt seem to be haunted. Then jaipur- our next destination. The city is full of forts and huge fortress and the best part is, its culture, tradition and the moguls history is still prevailing.
One of my friend slipped from the staircase and his leg got injured which we thought to be a FRACTURE. If that would be the case we are gone as no one has told about the trip to their parents. After his foot was scanned and the doctor was studying the X-RAY as if he wanna earn something out of that and we three were so tensed and kept on juggling our eyes to each other and the doctor. Finally his verdict comes only then we took a deep breathe.
At last i must thank our two hunks PULSAR & UNICORN for supporting us through out our journey(though they literally sucked our wallet) and making it a really memorable one.

The last part i was mentioning about the freedom struggle. Freedom from bureaucracy, freedom the system, freedom from the CORRUPTION. The initiate is from an old man who is very much vibrant, very much active and very much determined MR.ANNA HAZARE. The man of honor who is fighting against the corruption when the 2G and CWG scam were came into limelight. He has enlightened the youth. The agony, the distress, the vexation on the faces of the youth is clearly indicating the struggle for the JANLOKPAL BILL. This is to be accepted by the government so as to bring in a new law and make the citizens bound by it. I saw some of the youngsters wearing t-shirts written "MEIN ANNA HOON". My blood rushed through my nerves by looking at it.
I wish all the best to ANNA and his team from the core of my heart towards a successful ending.