Sunday, April 3, 2011


April 2,2011, a date carved in the history of Indian cricket in golden words and as a nation on the whole. It’s a occasion where 1.2 billion people dream come true. Millions of people praying for their country. The whole country was enjoying as it there was some festival night. Almost three decades of thirst has come to an end and start of celebrations reached to its peak mixed with lots of emotions. Its 24 hrs. India won the world cup and still the party is getting bigger and bigger. Every Indian participated in the party in some way or the other and cherished every moment.

Sachin Tendulkar, a man who needs no introduction. A man who breaks his own records and sets as a benchmark in the cricket history. He owns every record but a world cup in his more than two decades of cricket career. He is ecstasy. A dream come true for the master baster.

Team India, a perfectly knitted team with the bowlers, fielders and the batsmen doing their job outstandingly well. The match was really a sensational victory losing two important wickets at a very early stage. I must say this is the real team effort.

This is the occasion where every Indian forgot their social status, their region, religion, caste and even the politics for the blast and drowned completely praising team India, holding the tri colors and doing marathon or going for rides in the town. No police. No rules. Just ENJOY. I guess this should continue throughout even in the absence of such occasions.

Sitting alone in my room, I was just imagining the madness of party celebrations throughout the country, my friends back in the college and thought these kind of celebrations should occur where no hatred, no anger, JUST LOVE.