Saturday, October 15, 2011

Haunted / Hunting Room...

After struggling for almost 4 weeks for a permanent shelter im bit relaxed now. Those were my critical and most devastating days in my life.

Every day i had to search for a shelter. Moved all around from Greater Noida to Delhi to Ghaziabad and now back to the starting point- Gr.Noida. Everyday i go to the room it seems like im entering a very very daunting place. No day light enters even if sun screams at you and forget about the moonlight. Only source was our local TUBELIGHT. I spent many sleepless nights because of our uninvited and regular guest MR.Mouse. The sound it creates during the mid nights is like someone is blowing whistle just next to my ears turning into 100 decibels. At times that black little stuart was my alarm. Then comes my next guest at the time when i take my breakfast. This one very clever. It comes out and attacks my bread slice only when i spread cheese onto it. That the little and tiny cockroach. They made my life disastrous. The problems kept on escalating. Even i had a serious thought of sleeping in metro when i had no option to stay. At times i wanted to scream and cry out loud. Those were really the most haunted days. Very much disturbed personally, physically and mentally.

The only motivation which kept me moving are the road side cobbler, the rickshaw puller in his teenage with some tons of load pulling just to earn 500/- so as to fill his and his dependents. They just had one thing in common. The drive to live no matter how it comes.

There are many learnings out of the haunted place. The tough times. Life is not easy. This was just a phase of my life and will be in the drafts of my memory.

Just keep going and do not loose HOPE. Now im settled down with much peace and going to my office in a car. May be my struggle paid me off.