Wednesday, December 29, 2010


In 5th trimister no subject interests me as much as "ENTREPRENEURIAL MARKETING". In this we are really thinking as entrepreneurs and giving our best of the best ideas for the OFFERUNLIMITED.COM venture to be launched by our marketing professor.
This a website basically gives information regarding the available offers in the retail outlets in metros. In every class we go through a case study and relate it to OFFERUNLIMITED. During the course we went into every minute detail of how a value is created for the customers, what should be the ideal business model, the employee strength, the revenue model and lot more. There prevails a very very healthy competition prevails in this class every group striving for the first position.
After doing all this one can say that its is incredibly easy to launch a venture provided if he/she has high energy levels and lot of passion towards his idea.

Everywhere round the campus the placement fever is rushing through the nerves of every senior student. No one is interested in studying anymore. No assignments, no more lectures. Just a a three lettered word- JOB.
Lets wait and watch where'z my destiny ....?????

Friday, December 24, 2010


What is your family background, where are you from, in which domain are you interested to work, Do you have computer knowledge???and some couple of questions not related to my specialization. You may wait outside for sometime.
This was my experience for my first interview as a Manager in AYURVET. I questioned my self- is this the way an interview should conduct? What the hell were the questions and how could one evaluate a candidate based on such generous and stupid questions.
Then we headed for the company's conference where the M.D was formulating the future of the company to his sub-ordinates. Here is an absolute erudite and mainly emphasizes on how the YOUNGISTAAN can take the company and the nation at a macro level towards the sustainable development.
Whatever might be the result i'm ready bcoz i prepared well and left the rest to GOD.

Now time to take a break from the above happenings and rock the dance floor on the Christmas eve.

There'z much more to jot down but as of now ending here itself.

Friday, December 3, 2010


After a long long time im back to my place, my blog. The reason behind this is i was too lethargic. Whatever comes to my mind it gets updated in facebook which had become an easy and abrupt way to convey.

But now im no more the guy whom i used to be a month back. I'm absolutely happy and much more bold enough(physically/mentally) to face any kind of situation. My mind is sounding much more fresh. The predicament no more prevails. I'm happy. Infact im delighted. I thank all my friends from the bottom of my heart.

The second part for writing this blog was to express my anger or distress of our college placement cell towards my batch girls in terms of placements. This was the worst thing which i have encountered in a college where students are imparted to maintain high level of morale and ethically strong where on the other hand the management does all the embarrassing things which make me shameful for being a part of this institution. The disgraceful part was the entire issue was originated for the placement cell which supposed to function in a very polite and responsible way. The way the officer was using using slang really unpleasant.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kasouli-day 2

Where have u been all the day, how did u find the city, what all places u visited and lot more questions were shot at us by Ankur's parents as we stepped into the house.
But leaving all those behind, we brought with us the images of a nearby hill station "KASOULI". Even today our journey went on frictionless drive of about 2 hrs. As we were moving towards our destination, the natural beauty made up gape at it. "Welcome to the green environs of Kasouli". There we are...Kasouli...the hill station we were waiting for...everyone was excited.
The fog was so densely spread all over that no was able to recognize the city from a distance. The manki point situated at a height of 500 meters was well known for the footsteps of lord HANUMAN. We were moving on and on towards the temple and it was as if we are going to touch the sky.
The lunch was too good. we ordered for a spicy food which compensated our cold and freezing body. It was mind boggling to see that we were at a height of 5290 feet above the sea level.
The movie was average(anjana, anjani), the city is very well planned, sectors 22 & 17 are hangout places etc etc....whatever comes to our mind were the replies for their queries...

Saturday, October 16, 2010


We, group of 5 got into the ASKOK LEYLAND's A.C video coach towards chandigarh. It was about 5 hrs of journey. But before that i was done with my final exam of tri-iV ALMOST successfully with the help my mobile camera.

We reached my friend's house at around 11.30 p.m and received a very warm welcome which made me to think as if i am at my home. One thing i noticed and impressed was the transport system stops when the red light glows even at mid night. We were so famished as if we were on a hunger strike or absconded from amazon forest in search of DELICIOUS food. We attacked the food like hunters and added to that the menu was making us dribble.

The next day our journey kicked off with a breezer in hand, loud music in the HONDA CITY having a strong bottom support from GOODYEAR. Boating, shopping, rock garden, Roaming around was part of the day.

Ankur's college, DAV(Dayanand Anglo Vedic)was full of happening and rocking with funky styles and the environment was very much lively.
The evening there was some (navaratri) puja in the house and the banner was named "MAHILA MADALI, sector 68". The bhajan was so good (though i dint understand a bit) but more to that it was li'l bit scaring.

Excited about the trip 2 hill be contd...stay tuned.....


This blog is delayed due to no time meanwhile. The practical test for the biz. forcasting went the way i expected. It was more of boring test spending for 2 hrs, almost sitting idle. My eyes were rolling round the lab searching for the solutions but as there is no happy ending for any movie, so are there the invigilators hunting for the culprits.

As i opened the excel sheet and kept it idle for 1/2 an hour, the cells were gazing gazing at me and cursing me "u assole do something.why did u woke me up from my day dreaming".

The most craziest thing done in the history of IBA is entering into the gals hostel by one of my friend's(bala). This was a complete shock.

Looking forward for a lively trip which would make me wipe off my disturbances(wat ever happening).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


hello friends,

After a long(actually only 3 days) exam sessions now im feeling little bit easy from all the hectic and heaps of syllabus to be completed in one night. even i don't have a vague idea about the our next exam(so called business forecasting), my forecasting says dat im gonna get a "U" unless and until some miracle happens tomorrow.

As far as cricket is concerned, i thought it to be more than a religion. A game for which everyone gets excited(mad) about. But i never thought it would be more important than one's career. The guy sitting beside me(rahul) was was too anxious that leaving his exam behind, he wanna know whether India won the test match or not. I think this is the heights of craziness if it comes to cricket.

Time to slide into some slides of biz. forecasting....BYE....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Wat's happening to me...why am i so lost...i cannot concentrate...i m not listening wat my buddies say even they sit beside me...why i wanna be out of dis world...why i wanna be aloof...its totally a situation which i never faced and hopefully should not face in future.

My mind is fragmented into minute pieces and each piece is like a huge mountain to me which actually is like a huge heap of dustbin accumulated at one place.for the first time since my college days tears rolled in my eyes and even now they are, just for no reason or its just that may be i cannot reveal it here. Numerous things are going on in my li'l mind which im not able to carry forward and restraining my forward movement. It's just like someone is constantly hitting a nail on my head with a big hammer.

I just want to set my mind free which is not at all happening through any means. May be i should cry out loud...louder enough to get rid off of all these unavoidable circumstances.

Don't know how will i perform in my coming end term exams which is very critical to my career. I have to realign my mind in a right direction which is very big task for me as of now.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


It was an amazing match. For the first time i played football and it was a fantabulous experience. It was a cloudy day, drizzling and played the match in rainy water safe gaurding my goal from my opponents.

I was watching a movie while my friends pushed me onto the field and i must say it to be one of my most memorable sport in my college life. Every one on the field was enjoying at the peak. The effort you put to forward in water is like pushing a bus from behind when it does'nt start.

Every one was shabby,drowned in water and the fight against each team was neck-to-neck and ready to fight for the ultimate victory. My friends appreciated me for my performance and i was glad.

Hope to look forward for such rainy sports which actually relaxes ur cerebrum and activates ur whole body system.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is this FAIR???

I was very desperate for writing dis blog leaving club presentation behind for two express my feelings for my sister marriage and other to convey everyone that how hard it is to leave ur belonging at other place when you are emotionally attached to it/them.

Its very hard to find what is going on in my mind in this foreign language but it gives me a sense of pride and the height of disappointment after my sis marriage....pride because my role has been changed(bro-in-law)and responsibility even. Disappointment because my sis left me ,my house, my family and most importantly her most lovable pet 'Sniffy'. She has to be permitted to "VISIT" our place.

She is no more the same way she used to be...her priorities changed, she has become serious ,she has to get acclimatized to the unknown environment, and obviously she has become a grown up gal.

Why is this culture of taking her to bridegroom family...what about the love and care and the pampering of those parents on that gal since she is been on earth...everything is vanished within hours. Everything becomes good old memories of her to cherish.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Attached or Addicted

Thank you, Thank you,....

These were the only words i uttered after my friends handed over couple of gift packs...actually i was speechless.If i say thank you,that mean they are not my closest pals...but i had to say something.

I was deeply moved by the way my friends are inclined to me n my family.I LOVE them,deep love. I guess this an addiction -addicted to friends,friendship,their love.

I am very much excited for my sister marriage.It gives u an amazing feeling when someone grows infront of u and leaves you all of a sudden.Her entire identity changes from surname to place,people,surroundings and what not.

My only pray to god or my jija ji is-take care of my li'l sister.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sir....for wat

Laughing at myself after hearing something strange for which my ears are not at willing to hear at any point of time -"GOOD MORNING SIR" from my junior.
It gives a sense of pride when someone calls me sir but more than that its my deep regret and guilty feeling that WHAT I HAVE ACHEIVED for that 3 letter word.Moreover its a word associated to great personalities whose ordinary lives turned into extra ordinary. Im not fit for it.Im no way nearer to the word.
My understanding says that the respect should be earned butnot forced.
I wanted to spell out one more important change in me.Im back on track,not absolutely but steadily.Im able to concentrate lil bit but should improve alot on it.The reason to concentrate more is may be that im habituated to these problems/issues or found out other reasons for getting entertained my self.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Height of Betraying

Hey guys....after a along time im here to jot down my feelings where i can noway share it except with this electronic device.
This blog is dedicated to those to whom they think i have betrayed them for not revealing or telling them the replies they need jus bcoz they trust me blindly. Im loosing them closest buddies. The situation prevailing is no more as i was in first yr. They do not expect dis sort of response from me.they perceive me as a transparent friend.I drew every possible boundary around me so that im not in limelight atleast not in dimlight.I wanna cry-cry as hard as possible and as loud as i can. I my self not able to understand why i have changed.
Don't know to what extent it continues or to what and how many pals i loose.
I must thank god or for dat matter dis college for giving me such a nice and understanding friends.Hope i don't loose them ever...never.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Lap

     It’s been a mixed experience, bad and good from the past couple of months. Good have an exposure of my subject and bad, it’s a bit boring. Spending at a place and leaving u need to have courage to do that. My office, especially two guys, I never ever forget them. They were hiding their tears,  I can observe that. There was some sort of gravitational force which was pulling me back on the last day of my SIP when I was walking towards the parking lot. My room , at which I stayed was even more of detaching emotionally. The time I spent in that place-one of my beautiful memories.
Time for the last lap of the race in my life-it’s The “FINAL” year  of my course.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Im jubilant.Im delighted.Im exuberant.Im in a Euphoric state.Im in very exciting phase in my life experiencing the all new dimensions.Vibrant energy is flowing through my nerves and veins from top to tip of my feet.The ridiculous part is im unable to share it with anyone-i mean i need a good companion for it.
   Time has arrived to really focus on my academics and my future.Till now i was very casual about it which i should wipe off from my grey cells.Though my SIP is bit boring,dis all depends on me how to convert dis into interesting one.

              Who ever reads dis blog, plz wish me all the best....... 


Sunday, May 16, 2010

sip experience

Totally a different place,different people,different experience,and more than that lot of industrial exposure.this is my schedule this hot and sunny summer.its like going 2 office n spending there doing work n returning 2 home tired up...totally a different experience.But now i got to know about the entire process of a manufacturing firm.
        I have to appreciate my parents in this regard,especially my mom,she comes to home at around 7.00 pm leaving at 7.00 a.m and even after that doing all home related work-she'z superb.
        I am going through a lot of twists and turns currently and bewildered how to react to them.I am really clueless.Lets see,as time passes if anything goes fine and arrive at any solution....
     As of now i have to reduce my sleep drastically and increase my concentration tremendously.......  

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Homeland,Sip,emotional atayachar

enthusiasitic,exuberant,jubilant.,,,,all mean the same and rite now im in this phase as im back home after a long gap as if i returned after 14 yrs as lord Rama did. the kind of welcome and attention u get as soon as u step in ur home is wat makes u feel blissful.Even if u had a world trip,the kind of excitement u get after reaching ur home land is undefined.The only feedback i got from my relatives and frns-people over there(noida) dont eat or wat???This was due to my Brucelee body(LOL).
  Before leaving the college i was beign dragged into "EMOTIONAL ATYACHAR".Everyone is leaving the college,giving sendoffs and taking the same,made my heart squeeze.
  Its high time to do a real hard work in my SIP and try to convert it because of not simply for getting a job but for many reasons.I have to dedicate my self and define my path in these 2 months.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slimmer SLUM

MBA life is such an hectic one where one have to squeeze out every single second to do some extra other than academics.
  Last weekend was a thought provoking and experienced the real,shabby life of the slum.The situation was so pathetic  prevailing even when it was located at the centre of the city.Malnutrition problem among the children,no proper sanitation facility and existence of electricity was a dream and on the other hand we are talking about the latest advancements India has achieved in every field and rose from a scratch to one of the emerging nations in the world.
  The area was very conjusted and quiet compact and were residents of about 3000-4000 which was really an astonishing figure.I was gaping at the number of children(1600) which on an average a family has 4-6 children.
  One of the residents shared his experience when the area was set fire by the builders to transform it into a real estate venture.He showed us the remainings of post fire and was unable to stabilize my inner heart.
  I should appreciate the work by NGO who took initiative to extend their hands for the down trodden and especially the children by pooling the funds from every possible source.
   In toto,this trip made me think once again of my country and contradict the developments made and rise to new level in the world.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Winning makes you happy. Now I’m bewildered of Who is a winner? He who sustains his position after attaining the highest position or he who gets awards and rewards for his achievement. In either case he will be excited, jubilant, vibrant energy rushing through the body. This is happening to me and mind you I’m not boasting of myself. Winning in subsequent events is making me happy, diverting from all sorts of distortions happening within and around me. I’m not able to understand how to get rid of the sensitive issues wherein I need to have a win-win situation. I must find some solution for these and I firmly believe that there will be a solution for any problem and the vice versa.

   The only medicine to make my grey cells function in a proper way is to participate in debates, events, reading autobiographies of great management personalities.
   Hope this situation extinct as soon as possible self consoling saying “ALL IZZ WELL”.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

success @ 11th hour

Usually success comes after a long brain storming sessions with the team and  gets the entire credit.Our team tasted the original success at the eleventh hour.According to me success comes when u work hard beyond ur comfort zone.But the success at the peak moment with an entire change in the strategy which liked by every participant was memorable and commendable.
  At the last moment the game which we thought for our event was not compatible with the computer systems and the predicament at that point of time was embarrassing,everyone was waiting outside for the event 2 begin,wat happens wen we tell them the event is postponed 2morow,it leaves a very bad impression on our Operation Management club.These were the possibilities which ran through every ones grey cells for a moment.
  Then there was an alternate and exclusively operation oriented game which  created some hope among us and we mastered that game which we never played before.Every one enjoyed the game and gave us a positive feedback as it was a pure mind game.
               As in all movies there was quite happy ending.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

distortion 2 delivering

After a long time coming to my favourite place with a 'fresh mind' is what motivates me to express my self.
      Many new things and strange incidents are happening rite now.Now my mind is much more stabilized after a long and high psychological distortions.Im in entirely new world and can able to concentrate more and deliver much more at a higher degree.This is the first time im into such a nonsense situiation yet enjoying every moment at the peak.
     I learnt a lot many new things and crazy stuff joining MBA.One of the instance was waking up and sitting in class and least bothered to brush my teeth.This is JUST IN TIME- JIT(LOL).

Saturday, April 3, 2010

convergence & divergence

When u invlove in a serious discussion of ur interest you put ur heart n soul 2 make it more interesting and  try 2 brainstorm for the solution if there are peers in the group.The same happened with me today after discussing on the union budget 10-11.
  I must appreciate the club members for bringing in such a platform to put forth your views.This actaully enhances ur spectrum of thinking.This i name it as "convergence and divergence" of knowledge.
  I heard some astonishing news about the budget allocation to every sector from the group.Even after investing thousand's of crores in various sector,the growth in nill or minute.Where is the money?Why is this not utilised in the way it should be?Where is the development?
  I can see a single solution to all these queries-stop corruption.Then i can see my country flourish at a very rapid pace.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Rolling......Start,........Action...these were the words i heard as soon as i entered the class. There was some sort of video shooting about the campus and there was small discussion about my favourite topic Corruption. That was a healthy discussion and my contri was absolutely NILL.I dont know why i lack in taking initiative.I believe that what ever i knowledge i possess is very minute vis a vis my college friends even i know better than them.I should over this hindrance in my life.

Depression-one of the hated and the most monster words in the english dictionary.This is like an entanglement which takes ur thinking from the most negative aspects to a hazardous level.One of my friends is suffering from this and i wanna take her out of that.

I'll try my level best.Lets see what happens.......

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yesterday was a big surprising day for me as I cooked for the first time and it was dribbling after a long time. My friend, a gourmet praised me for the service. I made an important observation-if I ever need some sort of enthu or energy I watch movies, I go to my friend’s room or my last option will be shopping and preferring brands. It adds a lot confidence to you, at least for me.

Thought of having a nice and sleep but it was a nightmare. To my surprise there was a fight going in between me and the small size mammoth mosquitoes. My situation was worse than the opposition of Spartans in the movie 300 and to be honest they (mosquitoes) were really aggressive in besieging me and are really active in reducing my RBC.

This was the first time and hopefully the last time attending my university paper with almost negligible preparation.

Monday, March 22, 2010

With the photographer

After a long brain storming on those risks n returns in F.M for tomorrow’s exam and out of desperate break switched over to update my blog.

There should be certain limit for whatever we do-eat, drink, sleep etc. But what if it is exceeds the boundaries? We get frustrated, then we it becomes a casual thing for you even if it needs special attention. This is what happening with me and most of my friends. We are bombarded with a single word which was once interesting, now became an irritating one-“EXAMS”. Everyone was enjoying without a minute fear about the exams and were very jubilant under the red hot sun. Tomorrow we are having our internals and everyone is involved in the so called photo session on our college and almost every individual was enjoying except me. This is because of two reasons-I don’t like taking my pics n im not photogenic. The photographer was so frustrated while taking my pic as if he thought of leaving his profession and the 2lac camera and do some yoga practices in Himalayas. But fortunately the shot was ok.
  The most fun part was to have a feel of attending a lecture only for the sake of photo where in our lecture asked us to use our acumen for interpreting about the white board.
   Time to again peep into my books....... BYE.............

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This blog is to emphasize the importance of research in our daily life.We do alot of it from dawn to dusk,from dining in good restarent to having a breezer while hanging out,from choosing a bride/groom to selecting a pair of shoes.This is part and parcel of our daily activity which unconsiously we do a kind of research.
   These days the schedule has become very tightly packed with our MBA exams goin on,midterms lined up with hell lot of assignments and at the same time do some work which aids me in my SIP.Our seniors are moving gradually and the campus is like almost vacant.This tri i should really focus for my grades.
    Lets hope the best.....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New concept

This was an amazing weekend playing games in college after many actually relaxed and energized me and hope to play every weekend.the best part of the day was to play mixed cricket which we brought in a whole new concept in the field of cricket.girls and boys were part of it and i was ignited to play for a long get a fresh blood and the kind of enthu u pump in when gals are around u and dat's wat exactly happened with me.i saw some of my class gals playing which i remember and cherish those funfilling moments of the day.

Friday, March 12, 2010

New approach

These days im getting to know the hard,bitter though important facts.One of my professor told that he who gets a hefty package is a prostitute-Corporate prostitute.Is that so-dont they have any values,principles which show their identity.he says that who gets a huge package has sold himself to the company and should act accordingly wat his superiors says.but my point of discussion is dat dnt they feel any challenge towards working the company and show their assets named skills.are they purely transactional.I dont think so!!!
  I attended an official party from my college which a form of reward system for the students who put their efforts for the success of our brand event-Spardha.What i observed was there is a shift in the ambience of the reastaurent from pure western style to a blend of both western and traditional and hopefully we see a lot of traditional approach everywhere.I dont knw wat ignited me to think of the future prospects of my country,i was thinking of wat could be the possible transformations in the living style and the purchasing power of a normal middle class people.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"No" Smoking in Smoking Zone

Taking part in inter college events and class participation is usual thing but acting, its entirely a different dimension for me. My desire to act has been fulfilled not on a larger scale but at a very micro level. I was the main lead in the three minute movie. It was about the hazardous effects of smoking which eventually lead to death. This will be an ‘eye-opener’ to all the smokers which I refer in business terms as Corporate Social Responsibilty. My rommie, a fun loving and filling guy also played an important role in the movie. I never expected him coming up with such a brilliant performance and the dedication, which he doesn’t put up even I assignments. The characters were giving their creative inputs to make it more perfect in every frame. I call this as an ABSOLUTE team work and we made the optimum utilization of the resources which was again a remarkable one.

During the entire shot of the movie, my room was filled with smoke and I cannot resist and I cannot stop it. The tough part was for the cameraman. He has to adjust the mobile from every angle of the approximately 10*10 room and see if he is getting the perfect shot.
   All in all it was a good experience and will be a good reminisce in the future.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


After a lot of delay and the postponement for the farewell party,finally we were "successful" in giving farewell.The reason why in emphasized successful because the entire event was planned within no time and i should appreciate for the efforts done by the cultural club memebers.The event was so well conducted,the cultural programs,the coordination,everything was well except the very mild cold war between the juniors and the seniors.But atlast we requested them to attend the party and which was one of the reason to be successful.
  Today i performed dance for couple of songs and this was a complete surprise package for many of my seniors because their perception was complete different about me.Then followed the dinner session clubed with photo session.All the seniors were so excited about the later one as this will be emotional and memorable moments in their life.They were enjoyin their last moments of their college to the fullest.Then they will be chasing behind the hectic schedules,almost unattainable targets,deadly deadlines.But this is life."ALL IZZ WELL!!!"
 Then followed the dj party and just ended.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mind Walk

I witness some sort of behavioural change in my colleagues and undoubtedly it is a positive sign.We had a game of Smart investor included in our course structure.Talks about the game,the strategies adoted by my friends,the profit n loss are beign discussed every nook n corner of my hostel and i was amazed by the results they are getting in.
   What if one gets a professor from fms alumini,having an experience from the consulting gaint mckinsey,with oozing energy levels,striking sense of humour and a damn good motivator giving examples from his personal life-students getting inputs from him will be fortunate enough.The same goes with me.In his class especially,i observed that my colleagues dont mind sticking their asses to their chairs for long hrs.The way he motivates gets our blood flow like pumping the air into the tube of the cycle with a piston rod.As far as im concerened it happens so.He told an incident which succinctly tells that keep on moving in life.If there is any hindrance do a "MIND WALK".Imagine the possible obstacles and keep on moving.
  The other professor,Mr.S.K.Singh,i admire for the knowledge he possess and the way he shares with us so as to leave an imprint of him where ever we go.He has got a tremendous treasure of knowledge internationally.
  Its time to squeeze as much as i can from these two erudites.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The third day of my tour was in chandigarh.Initially i was having a opinion that the city will be very small,not so developed but when i landed there all my opinions got blasted in a  moment.The city was so well organised,the way they give importance to greenery,the traffic system,the lanes n colonies,every thing was simply superb.his parents gave a very warm welcome and the next moment i thought was to visit his house when ever i need a friend got his car n we had a glimpse of the was awesome.
  We had our dinner keeping in mind the hostel food next day we are goin to eat.We ate like ghosts.
From the start to the end of the journey we had encounterd quite a number of problems but somehow we moved forward.We dint stop.this actually helped me in finding alternatives to the problem.
  Here my friends in hostel enjoyed alot on holi.They told me i have missed the fun part.I belive to gain something we have to loose something.


This is the second day of my tour to shimla.Today i had an entirely new experience of doing some adventurous stuff.I have done mountain trekking,horse riding and having the complete picture of the mountains captured in my eyes was unforgettable moments.
  I dont understand if im too sensitive or my friends or not because when doin horse riding i was bearing the real pain.I was not at all enjoying the ride.The horse has to go through the crests and troughs of the mountains and the way was full of hard and sharp stones.My friends enjoyed the ride alot but the pain it is was bearing was really appreciating.That was the most miserable part i can say in my tour and hope never reverts in my life.
   The mountain trekking was dam fun.The way was very slippery.The natural beauty the hill station has is gift given to human kind to get relaxed  and get free from the regular mechanics.In short i can say it is god's ADOBE.
   The zoo was special in its own way in the form of diversified deers, couple of bears,wolfs and the most dangerous snow leapord.

New place New experience

In this, i'll be sharing my experience in shimla.Here goes the first day

Our journey started off with a very enthusiastic note. Getting tickets for Shimla from Delhi was next to impossible in such a crowded bus station. I never saw such a crowded station in any of the metropolitan city. There people were standing near the ticket counter as if they are going to win a lottery. The bus was so congested. One thing I like about India and Indians is we have a very good adjusting nature where we go. Early in the morning the following day we reached Shimla and the view was simple mind blowing. I was almost sliding left and right for about 4 hrs keeping my ass constant. It was something I couldn’t bear but I have no other choice. The bus kept on moving to heights as if we were about to touch the sky .The place is frozen cold and the panorama of the mountains from the hill station kept me static and allured by the view. The beauty of this place is to have the Britain constructed buildings still operating as government offices. The city will be glittering at nights and experience will be amazing which made me to think to stay here after all my obligations are fulfilled. The place is damn cool and composed having zero pollution. I was shocked when I saw the international brands ranging from apparels to footwear to CCD.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Midnite learning

This is im here to draft my entirely new experience in my intra college event-SPARDHA'10.The event went on as planned with some loopholes and i was also among the co-ordinators of the event.The only thing missing was not much colleges had participated in the event.
   The concoction was very interesting which amplified my thinking skills and express without writing.Virtuoso- an event went upto 3.30am the next day was different and amazing experience.Here i learned to be in a team with different college students and different mindsets. We prepared a skit in a record time of 20 min which includes the script,dialouges and the roles.I was very much satisfied with whatever we had performed.
  Then comes the actual brainstorming session for the Innovia-a concept of making business model for given products.We took ashtray and bpught some innovation in it and conceptualized in such a way that it can be implemented practially.I am very proud for making a product within no time.I went to bed at 6.00 am in the next morning and slept for 2 n 1/2 hrs which is also an achievement for me.
   On the whole this event will be a reminiscence.Thanks to my college.

Friday, February 19, 2010

48 hrs

This article is for those creative minds in my college batch who have contributed for the event SPARDHA-10 and i can't resist praising them.Preparations ar almost done for the event which is going to run for 48 hrs continuously starting from 20th feb.i can feel the air of the event every where,beautiful decorated garden,lightning of the college,painting our college rooftop,reharsel for the cultural events,preparation for the speech.
   Since two days my colleagues are restless in painting the rooftop and it was done so  dextrous and will be mind boggled if that was done by students who were completely fledgling to this area. I should appreciate their efforts.
    These days im witnessing some sort of change-being enthusiastic,doin my work in no time and able to concentrate in classes and grasp the aricles at one stretch.This is something a positive sign after my negative performance in tri-II.
   Anyway time to peep into some biz news.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"NO" boundaries

After a long time taking a break from screwed up examz,break from studies,break from college life and assignments.Went to my engg. friend room.He was not close to me at that time but when i met him after a long time i was hugged him with a deep emotion in my heart as if he is the saviour of my busy and frstrated life.He cooked food for me which was delicious.We spent some time in shopping near by mall.
   As i was passing through the lanes,my neck was turned upside constantly to see the gigantic buildings and apartments.the next thought came in my mind was should i be happy for the reason that India is developing or should i feel sorrow by seeing the road side people begging for money/life.I was bewildered.everyone is busy in their own schedules not even bothoring what was happening next door.
   I dont know wheather im in the wrong way or my friends are in the right way.they keep on insisting me not to contribute anything from my side for the college and tell that even if u do u'll not get any recognition from college.but i strongly feel that does'nt matter for me as long as my surroundings and fellow human are good.there will be something from my side if they approach me for some help.for the simple reason i can't say "NO" to any one.i feel that they drew a boundary around themselves and dont cross that but im not that kind.
  Spardha,my  collegemost prestigious annual inter college fest is on feb 20th n participating in almost all events among which biz quiz is my favourite and gearing up hard for that.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Interest"ing Weekend

the reason why i emphasized interest is the seminar which i attended on saturday was simply mind blowing and created the interest factor (both english and in finance terms) to think twice before executing a made me think what is the benefit im getting and giving and inturn increasing the simple terms value(v)=benefit(b)/price(p).this will be calulated for a business-what is the benifit the customers are paying for the price paid.are they getting more that what they paid or not.
         The lecture delivered by Mr.David was extremely fabulous. He was an enthusiastic guy with a very good sense of thing i observed the difference between the eastern and western people is that the later will be gelling up with whatever might be the environment and people.
       Today we have guest lecture on internet marketing at was very interesting as i have fair knowledge on it and he was one of our alumini.he gave us a deep insight about what is internet marketing and how search engine is optimized.
    I won the first prize in our college event conducted by bits n quoting this here not because im proud but i gain some sort confidence and increases others expectations on you when u have acheived something and i have to fullfill that.the most miraculous incident today was drinking 'karela' juice in 9 sec which i dont even touch that at home.i thought the glass would be full!!!
                time to make some ppts .....BYE

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was very much eager to write this blog and i could really make out time for it now @ 2.00 after completing my club activity.Today i had attended a worthfull workshop which cannot be measured.It was all about how to become an entreprenuer,how to establish an e-cell in campus and what all events its members should bring in so as to make more fun n make more interesting.
      One thing i was impressed with the conference was the kind of support NEN(venture capitalist) was giving in nurturing future leaders.they provide mentorship,guidance,and even sponsorships.After attending,i got an idea of establishing e-cell in our campus wherein this cell supports some feasible business ideas whatever they need.
          I was pushed down when i was not selected to represent my college in IIM-A.But this conference wiped off that thing.Now that i confident enough to take it might be a succes or failure,i would get the satisfaction that i have started something on my own and the experience i gain is something which cannot jot down.
          Time to say goodbye... and good night

Saturday, January 16, 2010


It was a very hectic day.getting up early in the morning @ 6.40,going to the college for the inter college events cuttinh through the dense fog,participating followed by presentation in my college.
       The events were good in the college.i participated in business quiz and management game.though i was qualified for the quarter finals in the business quiz i was not convinced with my performance.talking about the management game, it was all about making a business plan with a virtual amount of 1crore.I and my friend made it but when it came for a presentation,the given 7 min was not sufficient.any way my college won third prize by other team.then i prepared for the marketing presentation in my was debate in the form of presentation.the debate went up to 12.00 in was nice experience attending late night presentations.looking forward for more.
       i made my choice to choose german as the foreign language.some of my friends chose it for the simple reason "papai"-our foreign language prof.learning a foreign language is interesting and the class was reverberating with a variety of sounds and pronounciations.
            time to say GUTE NACHT and SUBE(ZYUSE) TRAUME(THROYEMA)  which mean

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

jus now came from the celebrations of LOHRI in our every one was drowned in festive around 9 pm we lit up a fire and after that dj party started.i donno how everyone danced(including me) in such a dense fog where we cant see a distance of 10 feet.but that a beautiful view.not even caring wats goin around.
      but i was missing my home.i was missing da major festival of south india and the delicious dishes as well.i donno why i get such ideas at strange occassions.why dont we use the dance floor to generate electricity.this i got when i was staring at the dance floor standing behind.
         there is an event coming up in BVIMR.i should gear up for dat.time for making marketing ppt.....bye

Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday the whole day was the combination of excitement,enthusiasm and implementation of our AOL programe filled with fun as usual.Waking up 7.30 in the morning on sunday will be the most irritating things for the students that too M.B.A but the was fantastic and some ideas.the day started off with some crazy activities to wipe off the dizziness and energize evry part of the body.Kriya went on for another 1 hr.I took a break of 900 seconds which was actually restricted to 180 sec and uploaded my appetite.
      Then we were given a task to earn an amount of Rs.2500 by investing Rs.240 which was a shocking at the same time challenging.the motto was to donate the earned amount for the education of the down trodden team 3 girls were on their way to do some selling of flowers,dth,telephone services.and we 4 boys were on our way to earn through shortcuts by donating blood and raise money.again my ears were bound to hear the shocking news.the hospital does'nt even have a blood bank.our 4 minds were blank like a vaccum.precious Rs.35 were gone for the travelling.we went on to the nearby market to start a so called nano sclae enetrprise in business terms.
         there I saw a small kid doing a child sitting in the freezing weather and doing cobbler work.what the f am i doin one point of time i even thought of cleaning the cars in the hospital parking lot removing my t-shirt hidden under my jersey and show some filmy style of hard core working but attitude,ego n that im an M.B.Aian restricted me.
         I approached a shop owner and got some variants of headcaps and socks of keeping one of my team member as a surity.We went on like a warriors on the battlegound not to fight but 2 plead (in a sense).our very first customer bought a headcap at Rs.55 which was actually Rs.30.i gained confidence but that decreased gradually because that was the first and the last cap sold by my team in 3 hrs.HATSOFF to the sales rep's who never rest their asses and to acheive their targets.
         Evening was full of religious entertainment and my favorite"satsang" included moviesongs,bhajans.and completely immersed in it.  

Friday, January 8, 2010


this is the first tym im writing a blog and i dnt know why i wanna create a blog, may be to store all my memories in written format. Today i went to for the 10th auto expo 2010 in my nation's capital and i was very much excited about the day and it turned out to be more than my expectations.from the start of the day 2 da moment i landed on my bed da whole day my eyes was popping out for the dense fog in the morning, diversified models from each and every company in the expo,the BENZ show,the powerful JAGUAR , luxurious LANDROVER and lots more other "MODELS". The crowd was packed ,hitting,stampeding and nothing was running through my mind except the convergence of design n the engineering work of some great minds. the show stpper was undoubtedly the herohonda which by a very diferent and innovative strategy of getting the eyes of the people stare at dat particular waterfall model. Till now i was not at all interested in any of the cars and least bothered about the new entrants in da 4 wheeler sector.but dat will not be da case anymore.