Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Height of Betraying

Hey guys....after a along time im here to jot down my feelings where i can noway share it except with this electronic device.
This blog is dedicated to those to whom they think i have betrayed them for not revealing or telling them the replies they need jus bcoz they trust me blindly. Im loosing them closest buddies. The situation prevailing is no more as i was in first yr. They do not expect dis sort of response from me.they perceive me as a transparent friend.I drew every possible boundary around me so that im not in limelight atleast not in dimlight.I wanna cry-cry as hard as possible and as loud as i can. I my self not able to understand why i have changed.
Don't know to what extent it continues or to what and how many pals i loose.
I must thank god or for dat matter dis college for giving me such a nice and understanding friends.Hope i don't loose them ever...never.

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