Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slimmer SLUM

MBA life is such an hectic one where one have to squeeze out every single second to do some extra other than academics.
  Last weekend was a thought provoking and experienced the real,shabby life of the slum.The situation was so pathetic  prevailing even when it was located at the centre of the city.Malnutrition problem among the children,no proper sanitation facility and existence of electricity was a dream and on the other hand we are talking about the latest advancements India has achieved in every field and rose from a scratch to one of the emerging nations in the world.
  The area was very conjusted and quiet compact and were residents of about 3000-4000 which was really an astonishing figure.I was gaping at the number of children(1600) which on an average a family has 4-6 children.
  One of the residents shared his experience when the area was set fire by the builders to transform it into a real estate venture.He showed us the remainings of post fire and was unable to stabilize my inner heart.
  I should appreciate the work by NGO who took initiative to extend their hands for the down trodden and especially the children by pooling the funds from every possible source.
   In toto,this trip made me think once again of my country and contradict the developments made and rise to new level in the world.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Winning makes you happy. Now I’m bewildered of Who is a winner? He who sustains his position after attaining the highest position or he who gets awards and rewards for his achievement. In either case he will be excited, jubilant, vibrant energy rushing through the body. This is happening to me and mind you I’m not boasting of myself. Winning in subsequent events is making me happy, diverting from all sorts of distortions happening within and around me. I’m not able to understand how to get rid of the sensitive issues wherein I need to have a win-win situation. I must find some solution for these and I firmly believe that there will be a solution for any problem and the vice versa.

   The only medicine to make my grey cells function in a proper way is to participate in debates, events, reading autobiographies of great management personalities.
   Hope this situation extinct as soon as possible self consoling saying “ALL IZZ WELL”.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

success @ 11th hour

Usually success comes after a long brain storming sessions with the team and  gets the entire credit.Our team tasted the original success at the eleventh hour.According to me success comes when u work hard beyond ur comfort zone.But the success at the peak moment with an entire change in the strategy which liked by every participant was memorable and commendable.
  At the last moment the game which we thought for our event was not compatible with the computer systems and the predicament at that point of time was embarrassing,everyone was waiting outside for the event 2 begin,wat happens wen we tell them the event is postponed 2morow,it leaves a very bad impression on our Operation Management club.These were the possibilities which ran through every ones grey cells for a moment.
  Then there was an alternate and exclusively operation oriented game which  created some hope among us and we mastered that game which we never played before.Every one enjoyed the game and gave us a positive feedback as it was a pure mind game.
               As in all movies there was quite happy ending.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

distortion 2 delivering

After a long time coming to my favourite place with a 'fresh mind' is what motivates me to express my self.
      Many new things and strange incidents are happening rite now.Now my mind is much more stabilized after a long and high psychological distortions.Im in entirely new world and can able to concentrate more and deliver much more at a higher degree.This is the first time im into such a nonsense situiation yet enjoying every moment at the peak.
     I learnt a lot many new things and crazy stuff joining MBA.One of the instance was waking up and sitting in class and least bothered to brush my teeth.This is JUST IN TIME- JIT(LOL).

Saturday, April 3, 2010

convergence & divergence

When u invlove in a serious discussion of ur interest you put ur heart n soul 2 make it more interesting and  try 2 brainstorm for the solution if there are peers in the group.The same happened with me today after discussing on the union budget 10-11.
  I must appreciate the club members for bringing in such a platform to put forth your views.This actaully enhances ur spectrum of thinking.This i name it as "convergence and divergence" of knowledge.
  I heard some astonishing news about the budget allocation to every sector from the group.Even after investing thousand's of crores in various sector,the growth in nill or minute.Where is the money?Why is this not utilised in the way it should be?Where is the development?
  I can see a single solution to all these queries-stop corruption.Then i can see my country flourish at a very rapid pace.