Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slimmer SLUM

MBA life is such an hectic one where one have to squeeze out every single second to do some extra other than academics.
  Last weekend was a thought provoking and experienced the real,shabby life of the slum.The situation was so pathetic  prevailing even when it was located at the centre of the city.Malnutrition problem among the children,no proper sanitation facility and existence of electricity was a dream and on the other hand we are talking about the latest advancements India has achieved in every field and rose from a scratch to one of the emerging nations in the world.
  The area was very conjusted and quiet compact and were residents of about 3000-4000 which was really an astonishing figure.I was gaping at the number of children(1600) which on an average a family has 4-6 children.
  One of the residents shared his experience when the area was set fire by the builders to transform it into a real estate venture.He showed us the remainings of post fire and was unable to stabilize my inner heart.
  I should appreciate the work by NGO who took initiative to extend their hands for the down trodden and especially the children by pooling the funds from every possible source.
   In toto,this trip made me think once again of my country and contradict the developments made and rise to new level in the world.

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