Saturday, April 10, 2010

success @ 11th hour

Usually success comes after a long brain storming sessions with the team and  gets the entire credit.Our team tasted the original success at the eleventh hour.According to me success comes when u work hard beyond ur comfort zone.But the success at the peak moment with an entire change in the strategy which liked by every participant was memorable and commendable.
  At the last moment the game which we thought for our event was not compatible with the computer systems and the predicament at that point of time was embarrassing,everyone was waiting outside for the event 2 begin,wat happens wen we tell them the event is postponed 2morow,it leaves a very bad impression on our Operation Management club.These were the possibilities which ran through every ones grey cells for a moment.
  Then there was an alternate and exclusively operation oriented game which  created some hope among us and we mastered that game which we never played before.Every one enjoyed the game and gave us a positive feedback as it was a pure mind game.
               As in all movies there was quite happy ending.

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