Saturday, April 17, 2010


Winning makes you happy. Now I’m bewildered of Who is a winner? He who sustains his position after attaining the highest position or he who gets awards and rewards for his achievement. In either case he will be excited, jubilant, vibrant energy rushing through the body. This is happening to me and mind you I’m not boasting of myself. Winning in subsequent events is making me happy, diverting from all sorts of distortions happening within and around me. I’m not able to understand how to get rid of the sensitive issues wherein I need to have a win-win situation. I must find some solution for these and I firmly believe that there will be a solution for any problem and the vice versa.

   The only medicine to make my grey cells function in a proper way is to participate in debates, events, reading autobiographies of great management personalities.
   Hope this situation extinct as soon as possible self consoling saying “ALL IZZ WELL”.

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