Sunday, September 4, 2011


I started my preparation for my convocation a week back. kicked off with the LOTUS facial. The first time i have done it--horrible. I thought atleast he puts on some 10 creams for the fact that its 550/-. But i had to compromised for 5. The shirt was from U.S. POLO which again drank my whole blood(money) costing around 1700/-. The only reason why i invested because no other company's shirt was of my size(unique body). Then comes the chance of my tie from ZODIAC. This time my hands were shivering to pay the bill of 1400/-. But finally done.
What a weekend I had. Back to back celebrations. Three very strong reasons for my bliss. One: my lil sister’s first marriage anniversary (Sep 2nd). Two: my convocation day. Three: my birthday.
What could be more than this? All throughout my journey to college on 2nd many college memories were sliding my mind since I joined the college. We made a very good relation with the college and with the students. It was wonderful experience I had these 2 years of my P.G.P.M. program. Made life time friend’s, met with some of the creative guys I have ever seen, made relations fathomless, saw many crests and troughs. It taught me how to move on. It taught me how to face the tough times and many more.
Out of all this presentation i was making at the back of my mind, I slipped my destination and moved few kms ahead. The traffic was terrific. For the first time I was very much time conscious (other than office). I was cursing the traffic which was stopping me (auto) every 5 min. I was cursing the traffic system for installing traffic lights and even more for glowing REDLIGHT. I cursed the automobile manufacturers for giving a breaking system in the auto rickshaws. I was blaming the entire system for getting me late to my college. The BOTTOM LINE: I was cursing myself for not getting down at the right destination.
On the day of convocation we were given the convo dress which itself was big task to wear as it resembled like a ghost attire. Our batch took a group snap after arriving our chairman and five others who looked like bishops in church. Our certificates were given by the chief guest Mr. N.K. AMBWANI, Ex-MD of Johnson & johnson. It (my certificate) read “Mr. MURALI KRISHNA” blah blah…secured B. That B grade is still reflecting in my memory. WTF man…why should anyone put his grade on his certificate and how one can judge a person based only on grades. Anyway, this is the fucking system and should accept the fact.
Then some cultural performances and followed by a DJ party. Vivacious energy was flowing all through. I was sitting at the back and just watching my grads dancing to the tune of the music. No job tension. No deadlines. No targets. No presentations to be made. No analysis to be done. No dealings with the machines. No pitching of clients. “NO CORPORATE WORLD ANYMORE”. Just enjoying yourself. Letting all ur worries throwing at the corner. And this was not just at DJ but from the last 48 hrs.
The time came when we had to leave the college and move to our respective places. Every step im heading towards our college gate, im trying forget the fact that im going one step away from my college, from the mall road, from the CFC, from the hostel, from the academic block. The departure was hard. There were puppy - shuppy’s and jadu – jhappi’s.
As it goes in the movie----“CHUTTI KHATAM AUR SCHOOL SHURU”.