Friday, June 17, 2011


This blog is not written out of anger but out of thinking that what exactly is our constitution is written. Is it written to provide equal rights to all citizens irrespective caste, creed, religion, power or its written for the injustice. The statue in the court of law holds a BALANCE which means every individual should and must get the right justice.

Out of the approx. 2 trillion population there might be some million cases pending in the INDIAN PENAL COURTS. There might be many complexities in the case but the judges and the advocates should ensure to provide justice in time. Some cases are on the rack since decades and if the justice does'nt come at the time they need then its utter waste of going to court and pleading for justice.

Once I went to our district court in some case and I saw some everywhere wearing black jacket(court dress code) with some of them trying to prove the wrong as right and some them of plotting to postpone the dates so as the client sticks to him and can suck his hard earned money as much he demands.

If there are these many cases waiting for turn why are they not tying to make an alternate solution for the pending cases. For ex: classifying the cases and allot those to the specific court rather than going for a general case. Trying out for a night court where some very specific cases are to be dealt.

WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY. Im seriously shocked and disheartened by the way out IPC’s are running. There must a way out for this problem. I lost confidence on the system. I can least expect from it when something wrong happens.

Now with all this should I be proud to be an INDIAN? Only thing I can do is to HOPE.
HOPE for a bright future