Sunday, December 11, 2011


If anything would be the synonym of MURALI then it would be BETRAY. Perhaps this is the dark side of me. Yes! I betrayed my own people. My own friends. Who were once with me when I was in deep dark. They were the one who rescued me when I was at the verge of depression. I made a mistake. The biggest mistake ever done by a friend.

In any of the epics around the world, from Ramayana to the Romans, one or the other has lost a precious thing/person when deceived. I lost my high quality friends. I lost their trust. I think numerous times to just make a call to them. I feel deprived. I lost my rights on them. I cry my heart out. My eyes are deserted. Giving a sham smile to the people around me has become my habit now. My mind has become restless. Loads of things going in my mind. I move from A to Z and reverse in my phone contacts twice a day only to find a friend to talk my heart out. But then the reply comes “NO RESULTS FOUND”. It was my mistake and I deserve this and even more. Or may be that im running like an athlete without destiny.

Yes. Im running. I don’t know from whom, to where and till when. Or may be I know answer for the first one- from my own best buddies. If I call them, then what would I talk? By my first question- HOW R U makes me feel guilty. Deep down my heart somewhere I can hear saying- go and talk and at the same time my minds says- no. you don’t have any rights to spoil their present. I already spoiled the past and mre than that my FUTURE.

I cant concentrate on anything. I lost my focus. Im getting into unnecessary arguments with my pals where im supposed to bear whatever they say. May be im destined to be in this situation.
This Sunday went to delhi after a long time just get out of this situation and make myself feel good but these memories and my sin dint made me not to think during my journey and lasted till I reached JANTAR MANTAR.

I was astonished by its architecture built by MAHARAJA JAI SINGH II to measure the angles of celestial bodies- the Sun and the moon. It was one of its kind in the world. Then from distance we heard the speeches related to the LOKPAL BILL. We followed the echoes and reached the vibrant place where the campaign is held for the anti-corruption bill. It was totally fused by the furor. Irrespective of caste, creed, religion, age, status everyone participated in this noble cause. This is yet another struggle for freedom. Freedom from corruption. People came with their family wearing t-shirts written “IM ANNA AND IM AGAINST CORRUPTION”. Some of them wearing the tri color badges, few holding the flag and few of them getting the colors of flag painted. Old people were contributing their part. One of them had a enthusiastic personality, guiding the supporters for the entrance, filling in them a sense of positivity. But I just imagined what would they get in return. No money. No food. Nothing. Just they are striving for a noble cause so that their upcoming generations feel proud to be the citizen of this country.
Hope a better and safer country along with smart and sensible policies.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Haunted / Hunting Room...

After struggling for almost 4 weeks for a permanent shelter im bit relaxed now. Those were my critical and most devastating days in my life.

Every day i had to search for a shelter. Moved all around from Greater Noida to Delhi to Ghaziabad and now back to the starting point- Gr.Noida. Everyday i go to the room it seems like im entering a very very daunting place. No day light enters even if sun screams at you and forget about the moonlight. Only source was our local TUBELIGHT. I spent many sleepless nights because of our uninvited and regular guest MR.Mouse. The sound it creates during the mid nights is like someone is blowing whistle just next to my ears turning into 100 decibels. At times that black little stuart was my alarm. Then comes my next guest at the time when i take my breakfast. This one very clever. It comes out and attacks my bread slice only when i spread cheese onto it. That the little and tiny cockroach. They made my life disastrous. The problems kept on escalating. Even i had a serious thought of sleeping in metro when i had no option to stay. At times i wanted to scream and cry out loud. Those were really the most haunted days. Very much disturbed personally, physically and mentally.

The only motivation which kept me moving are the road side cobbler, the rickshaw puller in his teenage with some tons of load pulling just to earn 500/- so as to fill his and his dependents. They just had one thing in common. The drive to live no matter how it comes.

There are many learnings out of the haunted place. The tough times. Life is not easy. This was just a phase of my life and will be in the drafts of my memory.

Just keep going and do not loose HOPE. Now im settled down with much peace and going to my office in a car. May be my struggle paid me off.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I started my preparation for my convocation a week back. kicked off with the LOTUS facial. The first time i have done it--horrible. I thought atleast he puts on some 10 creams for the fact that its 550/-. But i had to compromised for 5. The shirt was from U.S. POLO which again drank my whole blood(money) costing around 1700/-. The only reason why i invested because no other company's shirt was of my size(unique body). Then comes the chance of my tie from ZODIAC. This time my hands were shivering to pay the bill of 1400/-. But finally done.
What a weekend I had. Back to back celebrations. Three very strong reasons for my bliss. One: my lil sister’s first marriage anniversary (Sep 2nd). Two: my convocation day. Three: my birthday.
What could be more than this? All throughout my journey to college on 2nd many college memories were sliding my mind since I joined the college. We made a very good relation with the college and with the students. It was wonderful experience I had these 2 years of my P.G.P.M. program. Made life time friend’s, met with some of the creative guys I have ever seen, made relations fathomless, saw many crests and troughs. It taught me how to move on. It taught me how to face the tough times and many more.
Out of all this presentation i was making at the back of my mind, I slipped my destination and moved few kms ahead. The traffic was terrific. For the first time I was very much time conscious (other than office). I was cursing the traffic which was stopping me (auto) every 5 min. I was cursing the traffic system for installing traffic lights and even more for glowing REDLIGHT. I cursed the automobile manufacturers for giving a breaking system in the auto rickshaws. I was blaming the entire system for getting me late to my college. The BOTTOM LINE: I was cursing myself for not getting down at the right destination.
On the day of convocation we were given the convo dress which itself was big task to wear as it resembled like a ghost attire. Our batch took a group snap after arriving our chairman and five others who looked like bishops in church. Our certificates were given by the chief guest Mr. N.K. AMBWANI, Ex-MD of Johnson & johnson. It (my certificate) read “Mr. MURALI KRISHNA” blah blah…secured B. That B grade is still reflecting in my memory. WTF man…why should anyone put his grade on his certificate and how one can judge a person based only on grades. Anyway, this is the fucking system and should accept the fact.
Then some cultural performances and followed by a DJ party. Vivacious energy was flowing all through. I was sitting at the back and just watching my grads dancing to the tune of the music. No job tension. No deadlines. No targets. No presentations to be made. No analysis to be done. No dealings with the machines. No pitching of clients. “NO CORPORATE WORLD ANYMORE”. Just enjoying yourself. Letting all ur worries throwing at the corner. And this was not just at DJ but from the last 48 hrs.
The time came when we had to leave the college and move to our respective places. Every step im heading towards our college gate, im trying forget the fact that im going one step away from my college, from the mall road, from the CFC, from the hostel, from the academic block. The departure was hard. There were puppy - shuppy’s and jadu – jhappi’s.
As it goes in the movie----“CHUTTI KHATAM AUR SCHOOL SHURU”.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Its been a long time stepping in my blog. This time im gonna write about the above mentioned 3 things but emphasis is laid on the third part...ANNA HAZARE.

It was a emotional moment when my hands reached my salary. It gives immense pleasure after all the hard work u have done during that one month. My heart was filled with all the filmy sentiment and tears rolled off.

Since that day i was on cloud 9 spending my salary lavishly as if im the RICHERICH. We went to JAIPUR which was a very abrupt plan. "2 BIKIES, 3 DAYS, 4 BOYZ, MISSION JAIPUR" accomplished with minor distractions. We started our journey to hunt the most HAUNTED- BHANGARH FORT. There are stories about the fort in which a witch resides and comes out at nights. But to me it does'nt seem to be haunted. Then jaipur- our next destination. The city is full of forts and huge fortress and the best part is, its culture, tradition and the moguls history is still prevailing.
One of my friend slipped from the staircase and his leg got injured which we thought to be a FRACTURE. If that would be the case we are gone as no one has told about the trip to their parents. After his foot was scanned and the doctor was studying the X-RAY as if he wanna earn something out of that and we three were so tensed and kept on juggling our eyes to each other and the doctor. Finally his verdict comes only then we took a deep breathe.
At last i must thank our two hunks PULSAR & UNICORN for supporting us through out our journey(though they literally sucked our wallet) and making it a really memorable one.

The last part i was mentioning about the freedom struggle. Freedom from bureaucracy, freedom the system, freedom from the CORRUPTION. The initiate is from an old man who is very much vibrant, very much active and very much determined MR.ANNA HAZARE. The man of honor who is fighting against the corruption when the 2G and CWG scam were came into limelight. He has enlightened the youth. The agony, the distress, the vexation on the faces of the youth is clearly indicating the struggle for the JANLOKPAL BILL. This is to be accepted by the government so as to bring in a new law and make the citizens bound by it. I saw some of the youngsters wearing t-shirts written "MEIN ANNA HOON". My blood rushed through my nerves by looking at it.
I wish all the best to ANNA and his team from the core of my heart towards a successful ending.

Friday, June 17, 2011


This blog is not written out of anger but out of thinking that what exactly is our constitution is written. Is it written to provide equal rights to all citizens irrespective caste, creed, religion, power or its written for the injustice. The statue in the court of law holds a BALANCE which means every individual should and must get the right justice.

Out of the approx. 2 trillion population there might be some million cases pending in the INDIAN PENAL COURTS. There might be many complexities in the case but the judges and the advocates should ensure to provide justice in time. Some cases are on the rack since decades and if the justice does'nt come at the time they need then its utter waste of going to court and pleading for justice.

Once I went to our district court in some case and I saw some everywhere wearing black jacket(court dress code) with some of them trying to prove the wrong as right and some them of plotting to postpone the dates so as the client sticks to him and can suck his hard earned money as much he demands.

If there are these many cases waiting for turn why are they not tying to make an alternate solution for the pending cases. For ex: classifying the cases and allot those to the specific court rather than going for a general case. Trying out for a night court where some very specific cases are to be dealt.

WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY. Im seriously shocked and disheartened by the way out IPC’s are running. There must a way out for this problem. I lost confidence on the system. I can least expect from it when something wrong happens.

Now with all this should I be proud to be an INDIAN? Only thing I can do is to HOPE.
HOPE for a bright future


Sunday, April 3, 2011


April 2,2011, a date carved in the history of Indian cricket in golden words and as a nation on the whole. It’s a occasion where 1.2 billion people dream come true. Millions of people praying for their country. The whole country was enjoying as it there was some festival night. Almost three decades of thirst has come to an end and start of celebrations reached to its peak mixed with lots of emotions. Its 24 hrs. India won the world cup and still the party is getting bigger and bigger. Every Indian participated in the party in some way or the other and cherished every moment.

Sachin Tendulkar, a man who needs no introduction. A man who breaks his own records and sets as a benchmark in the cricket history. He owns every record but a world cup in his more than two decades of cricket career. He is ecstasy. A dream come true for the master baster.

Team India, a perfectly knitted team with the bowlers, fielders and the batsmen doing their job outstandingly well. The match was really a sensational victory losing two important wickets at a very early stage. I must say this is the real team effort.

This is the occasion where every Indian forgot their social status, their region, religion, caste and even the politics for the blast and drowned completely praising team India, holding the tri colors and doing marathon or going for rides in the town. No police. No rules. Just ENJOY. I guess this should continue throughout even in the absence of such occasions.

Sitting alone in my room, I was just imagining the madness of party celebrations throughout the country, my friends back in the college and thought these kind of celebrations should occur where no hatred, no anger, JUST LOVE.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The ERP training im going through is really a boon as far as im concerned. Being placed and two months away from joining makes me lil boring and morose. The second reason for being boon is I have an added advantage over my colleagues joining with me in the same company as I have more knowledge about the company and its functioning. I have to train at the distributor’s end about the software.
I must appreciate and emphasize about the company’s home grown ERP software “GREAT PLUS”. Great Plus is fantabulous software and I’m lucky enough to get my hands on ERP. The difference between this and the other software vendors lies in basic process.

Worldcup 2011 has become my favorite perfect timepass as I have nothing to do in the evening. The worldcup fever is all around and turned into MUST WATCH match for atleast today –Its “INDIA vs PAKISTAN”. Both are performing well to their best. All time India’s enemy even the political friendliness may exist. Everywhere here I can see the banners cheering Team India. Even a billboard above the net cafĂ© here says ALL THE BEST to the MEN IN BLUE. It being a prestigious match millions of eyeballs are on this match and not to mention the humongous match betting. Just bought a biography on ABRAHAM LINCON and can’t resist reading about this great man in the history of AMERICA.

In this blog I wanna talk on one more issue- the agitation on SAPERATE TELANGANA. It has been decades talking, discussing and fighting about this region. But this political issue is being addressed by every common man throughout the state and treated as the a person from that particular state rather than as an individual person. It has created a rivalry among the people and a sense of belongingness is absolutely missing.

Fingers crossed about the future of my state.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


If u really want something and u give ur best shot for it with honesty that will be urs. No one can stop u. This exactly happened with me and im not boasting. this is the fact. REAL FACT. On feb' 14, THE VALENTINE DAY, i was confirmed for my job in SHEELA FOAM. I was not excited because i dreamt it the previous night. Ya. This is just a infatuation or the destiny i dont know. The previous night i dreamt that i was placed in the company and the next morning my dream turned out to be true.

It was not my dream company, my dream profile and compromised on package. But still my dream is true now. Im proud of it.

Now i'm relaxed. But at the same time when i see my friend's not yet placed i go to them and give a confident shake hand so that they dont loose faith in themselves. But still some of them are depressed and frustrated. I can see the frustration levels rising every moment in their faces and in their behaviour. But nothing in my hands. Students are leaving campus for their jobs and silence around the campus is even more fierce.

May this frustration turns into smiles on my friends faces and shower flowers in their lives.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Now this is our last trimister of our course in which we have to submit few projects which technically mean we are ABSOLUTELY free. Doing NOTHING. Just waiting for the companies. My routine schedule includes reading newspaper, roaming around with friends, eating, sleeping, and reading books. Its being like a frictionless days with no more assignments, no more deadlines and literally no more to study our course. But one thing i'm gonna make and train my mind "NEVER QUIT READING". Once i quit, i'll be a lazy MORON.

This blog is for one of my best pals-MY ROOMY. Just now he left the room completely with all his baggage. What made me write this blog early in the morning while no sound is traveling across my corridors except my keyboard?? He was like a LOG in good and WORSE situations. He is a fun guy with whom i had a very good chemistry. I dint even think of a second sharing room with other friends after 1st year. Now at this moment sitting on my cot i can reminisce staring at his cot. All those moments are reverberating through my mind. He could be reached in few minutes when i need him is now extended to few hours or for that matter MANY hours.

Wishing him all success in his professional and personal life I end this blog but for sure not relation with my LOG.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Its like the parties season is going on in the campus. Everyone is giving party for being placed and almost everyday. Now the time has arrived to bid farewell for the fellow buddies with whom some of their lives most memorable moments were spent with. The most touchy moment will be wen they leave campus for their jobs.

The best part of the parties is we all get together to share probably our last campus moments and cherish them and get rid off the fuckin mess food(LOL). Placements are slowly catching up the pace. Some are depressed and some are on the cloud 9.

But im really goin through a very very ambiguous situation and dont know how to tackle with the situation which is too monstrous more than my placement. I dont know weather i'm givin too importance for it or i'm least interested in placement.

Gave an interview in SHEELA FOAM on FEB 1ST. Waiting for the result eagerly with fingers crossed.

Monday, January 24, 2011



This was the song playing in my lappy when i'm writing this blog and probably this would be song running in everyone's mind.

The placement season had started a month back and companies started turning up to the campus or walk in. The three letter word "JOB" is creating ripples across the 206 boned body everywhere in the campus. This has been a very hot topic and u can say "THE TALK OF THE CAMPUS". This three lettered word is creating shivering in this cool breeze at nights. Some are depressed, some are happy and some are enjoying their last moments in the campus.

There are still some more students to be placed and waiting for their hard work or luck to be turned to a good placement. Some play games to get this burning topic out of their grey cells and make themselves relieve.
On top of the above situation, we are giving our 5th trimister final papers which is very frustrating and the least interested thing among the students atleast at this point of time.Its very hard to stick our asses to the seats for not more than an hour for two hours exam.

Out of this mixed feelings and emotions going through everyone, only onething i wish is to get everyone placed. Hope for the best and DELIVER the BEST.


Monday, January 10, 2011


Its been a very cold and chilly winter season with heavy breeze whirling all around, my fingers are almost freeze everyday. It has been a very tough job for me to get out of my warm blanket and blog but an article i read few days ago made to do this.

The article was about the 2G scam and the way the UPA government handled with much ease concealing everything. But as the saying goes "GOD SEES THE TRUTH BUT WAITS". The most fishy part was the PRIME MINISTER of INDIA was just watching the entire drama and doing absolutely nothing. He knew that the scam is huge and stupendous and even then he just remained silent only because the minister of telecom was Mr.A.RAJA who is from the DMK party headquartered in chennai, without whose support UPA government could'nt be formed.

The other side, soldiers at the borders or for that matter any breath taking incidents(like the 26/11 terror attacks) give up their lives for the nation so that millions of people have gud sleep. They just take orders from these corrupted and brutal self obsessed politicians and perform their duties day in and day out putting their lives at stake.

Why dont these politicians do the same when it comes to self??. Why is that they crawl after their political career??.Why cant they just leave their throne and walk away when they are into scam?? Why is that he (Mr.Manmohan Singh) dint take any action against the former telecom minister(Mr.A.RAJA)??. Was it that the prime minister was saving the corrupted one??.

Questions bombard but there would be no specific answers for these. Is this what is expected from the PRIME citizen of a country in whom billions of Indians trust lies.

This is just one incident in the Indian politics. There are many which dint came to limelight.