Thursday, February 3, 2011


Its like the parties season is going on in the campus. Everyone is giving party for being placed and almost everyday. Now the time has arrived to bid farewell for the fellow buddies with whom some of their lives most memorable moments were spent with. The most touchy moment will be wen they leave campus for their jobs.

The best part of the parties is we all get together to share probably our last campus moments and cherish them and get rid off the fuckin mess food(LOL). Placements are slowly catching up the pace. Some are depressed and some are on the cloud 9.

But im really goin through a very very ambiguous situation and dont know how to tackle with the situation which is too monstrous more than my placement. I dont know weather i'm givin too importance for it or i'm least interested in placement.

Gave an interview in SHEELA FOAM on FEB 1ST. Waiting for the result eagerly with fingers crossed.

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