Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Now this is our last trimister of our course in which we have to submit few projects which technically mean we are ABSOLUTELY free. Doing NOTHING. Just waiting for the companies. My routine schedule includes reading newspaper, roaming around with friends, eating, sleeping, and reading books. Its being like a frictionless days with no more assignments, no more deadlines and literally no more to study our course. But one thing i'm gonna make and train my mind "NEVER QUIT READING". Once i quit, i'll be a lazy MORON.

This blog is for one of my best pals-MY ROOMY. Just now he left the room completely with all his baggage. What made me write this blog early in the morning while no sound is traveling across my corridors except my keyboard?? He was like a LOG in good and WORSE situations. He is a fun guy with whom i had a very good chemistry. I dint even think of a second sharing room with other friends after 1st year. Now at this moment sitting on my cot i can reminisce staring at his cot. All those moments are reverberating through my mind. He could be reached in few minutes when i need him is now extended to few hours or for that matter MANY hours.

Wishing him all success in his professional and personal life I end this blog but for sure not relation with my LOG.

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