Sunday, December 11, 2011


If anything would be the synonym of MURALI then it would be BETRAY. Perhaps this is the dark side of me. Yes! I betrayed my own people. My own friends. Who were once with me when I was in deep dark. They were the one who rescued me when I was at the verge of depression. I made a mistake. The biggest mistake ever done by a friend.

In any of the epics around the world, from Ramayana to the Romans, one or the other has lost a precious thing/person when deceived. I lost my high quality friends. I lost their trust. I think numerous times to just make a call to them. I feel deprived. I lost my rights on them. I cry my heart out. My eyes are deserted. Giving a sham smile to the people around me has become my habit now. My mind has become restless. Loads of things going in my mind. I move from A to Z and reverse in my phone contacts twice a day only to find a friend to talk my heart out. But then the reply comes “NO RESULTS FOUND”. It was my mistake and I deserve this and even more. Or may be that im running like an athlete without destiny.

Yes. Im running. I don’t know from whom, to where and till when. Or may be I know answer for the first one- from my own best buddies. If I call them, then what would I talk? By my first question- HOW R U makes me feel guilty. Deep down my heart somewhere I can hear saying- go and talk and at the same time my minds says- no. you don’t have any rights to spoil their present. I already spoiled the past and mre than that my FUTURE.

I cant concentrate on anything. I lost my focus. Im getting into unnecessary arguments with my pals where im supposed to bear whatever they say. May be im destined to be in this situation.
This Sunday went to delhi after a long time just get out of this situation and make myself feel good but these memories and my sin dint made me not to think during my journey and lasted till I reached JANTAR MANTAR.

I was astonished by its architecture built by MAHARAJA JAI SINGH II to measure the angles of celestial bodies- the Sun and the moon. It was one of its kind in the world. Then from distance we heard the speeches related to the LOKPAL BILL. We followed the echoes and reached the vibrant place where the campaign is held for the anti-corruption bill. It was totally fused by the furor. Irrespective of caste, creed, religion, age, status everyone participated in this noble cause. This is yet another struggle for freedom. Freedom from corruption. People came with their family wearing t-shirts written “IM ANNA AND IM AGAINST CORRUPTION”. Some of them wearing the tri color badges, few holding the flag and few of them getting the colors of flag painted. Old people were contributing their part. One of them had a enthusiastic personality, guiding the supporters for the entrance, filling in them a sense of positivity. But I just imagined what would they get in return. No money. No food. Nothing. Just they are striving for a noble cause so that their upcoming generations feel proud to be the citizen of this country.
Hope a better and safer country along with smart and sensible policies.