Monday, January 10, 2011


Its been a very cold and chilly winter season with heavy breeze whirling all around, my fingers are almost freeze everyday. It has been a very tough job for me to get out of my warm blanket and blog but an article i read few days ago made to do this.

The article was about the 2G scam and the way the UPA government handled with much ease concealing everything. But as the saying goes "GOD SEES THE TRUTH BUT WAITS". The most fishy part was the PRIME MINISTER of INDIA was just watching the entire drama and doing absolutely nothing. He knew that the scam is huge and stupendous and even then he just remained silent only because the minister of telecom was Mr.A.RAJA who is from the DMK party headquartered in chennai, without whose support UPA government could'nt be formed.

The other side, soldiers at the borders or for that matter any breath taking incidents(like the 26/11 terror attacks) give up their lives for the nation so that millions of people have gud sleep. They just take orders from these corrupted and brutal self obsessed politicians and perform their duties day in and day out putting their lives at stake.

Why dont these politicians do the same when it comes to self??. Why is that they crawl after their political career??.Why cant they just leave their throne and walk away when they are into scam?? Why is that he (Mr.Manmohan Singh) dint take any action against the former telecom minister(Mr.A.RAJA)??. Was it that the prime minister was saving the corrupted one??.

Questions bombard but there would be no specific answers for these. Is this what is expected from the PRIME citizen of a country in whom billions of Indians trust lies.

This is just one incident in the Indian politics. There are many which dint came to limelight.

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