Wednesday, December 29, 2010


In 5th trimister no subject interests me as much as "ENTREPRENEURIAL MARKETING". In this we are really thinking as entrepreneurs and giving our best of the best ideas for the OFFERUNLIMITED.COM venture to be launched by our marketing professor.
This a website basically gives information regarding the available offers in the retail outlets in metros. In every class we go through a case study and relate it to OFFERUNLIMITED. During the course we went into every minute detail of how a value is created for the customers, what should be the ideal business model, the employee strength, the revenue model and lot more. There prevails a very very healthy competition prevails in this class every group striving for the first position.
After doing all this one can say that its is incredibly easy to launch a venture provided if he/she has high energy levels and lot of passion towards his idea.

Everywhere round the campus the placement fever is rushing through the nerves of every senior student. No one is interested in studying anymore. No assignments, no more lectures. Just a a three lettered word- JOB.
Lets wait and watch where'z my destiny ....?????

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