Friday, December 24, 2010


What is your family background, where are you from, in which domain are you interested to work, Do you have computer knowledge???and some couple of questions not related to my specialization. You may wait outside for sometime.
This was my experience for my first interview as a Manager in AYURVET. I questioned my self- is this the way an interview should conduct? What the hell were the questions and how could one evaluate a candidate based on such generous and stupid questions.
Then we headed for the company's conference where the M.D was formulating the future of the company to his sub-ordinates. Here is an absolute erudite and mainly emphasizes on how the YOUNGISTAAN can take the company and the nation at a macro level towards the sustainable development.
Whatever might be the result i'm ready bcoz i prepared well and left the rest to GOD.

Now time to take a break from the above happenings and rock the dance floor on the Christmas eve.

There'z much more to jot down but as of now ending here itself.

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