Friday, December 3, 2010


After a long long time im back to my place, my blog. The reason behind this is i was too lethargic. Whatever comes to my mind it gets updated in facebook which had become an easy and abrupt way to convey.

But now im no more the guy whom i used to be a month back. I'm absolutely happy and much more bold enough(physically/mentally) to face any kind of situation. My mind is sounding much more fresh. The predicament no more prevails. I'm happy. Infact im delighted. I thank all my friends from the bottom of my heart.

The second part for writing this blog was to express my anger or distress of our college placement cell towards my batch girls in terms of placements. This was the worst thing which i have encountered in a college where students are imparted to maintain high level of morale and ethically strong where on the other hand the management does all the embarrassing things which make me shameful for being a part of this institution. The disgraceful part was the entire issue was originated for the placement cell which supposed to function in a very polite and responsible way. The way the officer was using using slang really unpleasant.


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