Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kasouli-day 2

Where have u been all the day, how did u find the city, what all places u visited and lot more questions were shot at us by Ankur's parents as we stepped into the house.
But leaving all those behind, we brought with us the images of a nearby hill station "KASOULI". Even today our journey went on frictionless drive of about 2 hrs. As we were moving towards our destination, the natural beauty made up gape at it. "Welcome to the green environs of Kasouli". There we are...Kasouli...the hill station we were waiting for...everyone was excited.
The fog was so densely spread all over that no was able to recognize the city from a distance. The manki point situated at a height of 500 meters was well known for the footsteps of lord HANUMAN. We were moving on and on towards the temple and it was as if we are going to touch the sky.
The lunch was too good. we ordered for a spicy food which compensated our cold and freezing body. It was mind boggling to see that we were at a height of 5290 feet above the sea level.
The movie was average(anjana, anjani), the city is very well planned, sectors 22 & 17 are hangout places etc etc....whatever comes to our mind were the replies for their queries...

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