Saturday, October 16, 2010


This blog is delayed due to no time meanwhile. The practical test for the biz. forcasting went the way i expected. It was more of boring test spending for 2 hrs, almost sitting idle. My eyes were rolling round the lab searching for the solutions but as there is no happy ending for any movie, so are there the invigilators hunting for the culprits.

As i opened the excel sheet and kept it idle for 1/2 an hour, the cells were gazing gazing at me and cursing me "u assole do something.why did u woke me up from my day dreaming".

The most craziest thing done in the history of IBA is entering into the gals hostel by one of my friend's(bala). This was a complete shock.

Looking forward for a lively trip which would make me wipe off my disturbances(wat ever happening).

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