Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Wat's happening to me...why am i so lost...i cannot concentrate...i m not listening wat my buddies say even they sit beside me...why i wanna be out of dis world...why i wanna be aloof...its totally a situation which i never faced and hopefully should not face in future.

My mind is fragmented into minute pieces and each piece is like a huge mountain to me which actually is like a huge heap of dustbin accumulated at one place.for the first time since my college days tears rolled in my eyes and even now they are, just for no reason or its just that may be i cannot reveal it here. Numerous things are going on in my li'l mind which im not able to carry forward and restraining my forward movement. It's just like someone is constantly hitting a nail on my head with a big hammer.

I just want to set my mind free which is not at all happening through any means. May be i should cry out loud...louder enough to get rid off of all these unavoidable circumstances.

Don't know how will i perform in my coming end term exams which is very critical to my career. I have to realign my mind in a right direction which is very big task for me as of now.

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