Wednesday, October 13, 2010


hello friends,

After a long(actually only 3 days) exam sessions now im feeling little bit easy from all the hectic and heaps of syllabus to be completed in one night. even i don't have a vague idea about the our next exam(so called business forecasting), my forecasting says dat im gonna get a "U" unless and until some miracle happens tomorrow.

As far as cricket is concerned, i thought it to be more than a religion. A game for which everyone gets excited(mad) about. But i never thought it would be more important than one's career. The guy sitting beside me(rahul) was was too anxious that leaving his exam behind, he wanna know whether India won the test match or not. I think this is the heights of craziness if it comes to cricket.

Time to slide into some slides of biz. forecasting....BYE....

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