Saturday, April 3, 2010

convergence & divergence

When u invlove in a serious discussion of ur interest you put ur heart n soul 2 make it more interesting and  try 2 brainstorm for the solution if there are peers in the group.The same happened with me today after discussing on the union budget 10-11.
  I must appreciate the club members for bringing in such a platform to put forth your views.This actaully enhances ur spectrum of thinking.This i name it as "convergence and divergence" of knowledge.
  I heard some astonishing news about the budget allocation to every sector from the group.Even after investing thousand's of crores in various sector,the growth in nill or minute.Where is the money?Why is this not utilised in the way it should be?Where is the development?
  I can see a single solution to all these queries-stop corruption.Then i can see my country flourish at a very rapid pace.

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