Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is the second day of my tour to shimla.Today i had an entirely new experience of doing some adventurous stuff.I have done mountain trekking,horse riding and having the complete picture of the mountains captured in my eyes was unforgettable moments.
  I dont understand if im too sensitive or my friends or not because when doin horse riding i was bearing the real pain.I was not at all enjoying the ride.The horse has to go through the crests and troughs of the mountains and the way was full of hard and sharp stones.My friends enjoyed the ride alot but the pain it is was bearing was really appreciating.That was the most miserable part i can say in my tour and hope never reverts in my life.
   The mountain trekking was dam fun.The way was very slippery.The natural beauty the hill station has is gift given to human kind to get relaxed  and get free from the regular mechanics.In short i can say it is god's ADOBE.
   The zoo was special in its own way in the form of diversified deers, couple of bears,wolfs and the most dangerous snow leapord.

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