Friday, March 12, 2010

New approach

These days im getting to know the hard,bitter though important facts.One of my professor told that he who gets a hefty package is a prostitute-Corporate prostitute.Is that so-dont they have any values,principles which show their identity.he says that who gets a huge package has sold himself to the company and should act accordingly wat his superiors says.but my point of discussion is dat dnt they feel any challenge towards working the company and show their assets named skills.are they purely transactional.I dont think so!!!
  I attended an official party from my college which a form of reward system for the students who put their efforts for the success of our brand event-Spardha.What i observed was there is a shift in the ambience of the reastaurent from pure western style to a blend of both western and traditional and hopefully we see a lot of traditional approach everywhere.I dont knw wat ignited me to think of the future prospects of my country,i was thinking of wat could be the possible transformations in the living style and the purchasing power of a normal middle class people.

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