Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"No" Smoking in Smoking Zone

Taking part in inter college events and class participation is usual thing but acting, its entirely a different dimension for me. My desire to act has been fulfilled not on a larger scale but at a very micro level. I was the main lead in the three minute movie. It was about the hazardous effects of smoking which eventually lead to death. This will be an ‘eye-opener’ to all the smokers which I refer in business terms as Corporate Social Responsibilty. My rommie, a fun loving and filling guy also played an important role in the movie. I never expected him coming up with such a brilliant performance and the dedication, which he doesn’t put up even I assignments. The characters were giving their creative inputs to make it more perfect in every frame. I call this as an ABSOLUTE team work and we made the optimum utilization of the resources which was again a remarkable one.

During the entire shot of the movie, my room was filled with smoke and I cannot resist and I cannot stop it. The tough part was for the cameraman. He has to adjust the mobile from every angle of the approximately 10*10 room and see if he is getting the perfect shot.
   All in all it was a good experience and will be a good reminisce in the future.

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  1. It was a nice initiative taken by u as everyone was not willing to give time.Keep going like this i am sure u wil be successfull.It was nicely performed by u & also u got a chance to act as a star & i think u had enjoyed a lot while shooting the movie also..............