Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mind Walk

I witness some sort of behavioural change in my colleagues and undoubtedly it is a positive sign.We had a game of Smart investor included in our course structure.Talks about the game,the strategies adoted by my friends,the profit n loss are beign discussed every nook n corner of my hostel and i was amazed by the results they are getting in.
   What if one gets a professor from fms alumini,having an experience from the consulting gaint mckinsey,with oozing energy levels,striking sense of humour and a damn good motivator giving examples from his personal life-students getting inputs from him will be fortunate enough.The same goes with me.In his class especially,i observed that my colleagues dont mind sticking their asses to their chairs for long hrs.The way he motivates gets our blood flow like pumping the air into the tube of the cycle with a piston rod.As far as im concerened it happens so.He told an incident which succinctly tells that keep on moving in life.If there is any hindrance do a "MIND WALK".Imagine the possible obstacles and keep on moving.
  The other professor,Mr.S.K.Singh,i admire for the knowledge he possess and the way he shares with us so as to leave an imprint of him where ever we go.He has got a tremendous treasure of knowledge internationally.
  Its time to squeeze as much as i can from these two erudites.

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