Monday, March 22, 2010

With the photographer

After a long brain storming on those risks n returns in F.M for tomorrow’s exam and out of desperate break switched over to update my blog.

There should be certain limit for whatever we do-eat, drink, sleep etc. But what if it is exceeds the boundaries? We get frustrated, then we it becomes a casual thing for you even if it needs special attention. This is what happening with me and most of my friends. We are bombarded with a single word which was once interesting, now became an irritating one-“EXAMS”. Everyone was enjoying without a minute fear about the exams and were very jubilant under the red hot sun. Tomorrow we are having our internals and everyone is involved in the so called photo session on our college and almost every individual was enjoying except me. This is because of two reasons-I don’t like taking my pics n im not photogenic. The photographer was so frustrated while taking my pic as if he thought of leaving his profession and the 2lac camera and do some yoga practices in Himalayas. But fortunately the shot was ok.
  The most fun part was to have a feel of attending a lecture only for the sake of photo where in our lecture asked us to use our acumen for interpreting about the white board.
   Time to again peep into my books....... BYE.............

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