Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New place New experience

In this, i'll be sharing my experience in shimla.Here goes the first day

Our journey started off with a very enthusiastic note. Getting tickets for Shimla from Delhi was next to impossible in such a crowded bus station. I never saw such a crowded station in any of the metropolitan city. There people were standing near the ticket counter as if they are going to win a lottery. The bus was so congested. One thing I like about India and Indians is we have a very good adjusting nature where we go. Early in the morning the following day we reached Shimla and the view was simple mind blowing. I was almost sliding left and right for about 4 hrs keeping my ass constant. It was something I couldn’t bear but I have no other choice. The bus kept on moving to heights as if we were about to touch the sky .The place is frozen cold and the panorama of the mountains from the hill station kept me static and allured by the view. The beauty of this place is to have the Britain constructed buildings still operating as government offices. The city will be glittering at nights and experience will be amazing which made me to think to stay here after all my obligations are fulfilled. The place is damn cool and composed having zero pollution. I was shocked when I saw the international brands ranging from apparels to footwear to CCD.

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