Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The third day of my tour was in chandigarh.Initially i was having a opinion that the city will be very small,not so developed but when i landed there all my opinions got blasted in a  moment.The city was so well organised,the way they give importance to greenery,the traffic system,the lanes n colonies,every thing was simply superb.his parents gave a very warm welcome and the next moment i thought was to visit his house when ever i need a break.my friend got his car n we had a glimpse of the city.it was awesome.
  We had our dinner keeping in mind the hostel food next day we are goin to eat.We ate like ghosts.
From the start to the end of the journey we had encounterd quite a number of problems but somehow we moved forward.We dint stop.this actually helped me in finding alternatives to the problem.
  Here my friends in hostel enjoyed alot on holi.They told me i have missed the fun part.I belive to gain something we have to loose something.

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