Friday, February 19, 2010

48 hrs

This article is for those creative minds in my college batch who have contributed for the event SPARDHA-10 and i can't resist praising them.Preparations ar almost done for the event which is going to run for 48 hrs continuously starting from 20th feb.i can feel the air of the event every where,beautiful decorated garden,lightning of the college,painting our college rooftop,reharsel for the cultural events,preparation for the speech.
   Since two days my colleagues are restless in painting the rooftop and it was done so  dextrous and will be mind boggled if that was done by students who were completely fledgling to this area. I should appreciate their efforts.
    These days im witnessing some sort of change-being enthusiastic,doin my work in no time and able to concentrate in classes and grasp the aricles at one stretch.This is something a positive sign after my negative performance in tri-II.
   Anyway time to peep into some biz news.

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