Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was very much eager to write this blog and i could really make out time for it now @ 2.00 after completing my club activity.Today i had attended a worthfull workshop which cannot be measured.It was all about how to become an entreprenuer,how to establish an e-cell in campus and what all events its members should bring in so as to make more fun n make more interesting.
      One thing i was impressed with the conference was the kind of support NEN(venture capitalist) was giving in nurturing future leaders.they provide mentorship,guidance,and even sponsorships.After attending,i got an idea of establishing e-cell in our campus wherein this cell supports some feasible business ideas whatever they need.
          I was pushed down when i was not selected to represent my college in IIM-A.But this conference wiped off that thing.Now that i confident enough to take it might be a succes or failure,i would get the satisfaction that i have started something on my own and the experience i gain is something which cannot jot down.
          Time to say goodbye... and good night

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