Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday the whole day was the combination of excitement,enthusiasm and implementation of our AOL programe filled with fun as usual.Waking up 7.30 in the morning on sunday will be the most irritating things for the students that too M.B.A but the was fantastic and some ideas.the day started off with some crazy activities to wipe off the dizziness and energize evry part of the body.Kriya went on for another 1 hr.I took a break of 900 seconds which was actually restricted to 180 sec and uploaded my appetite.
      Then we were given a task to earn an amount of Rs.2500 by investing Rs.240 which was a shocking at the same time challenging.the motto was to donate the earned amount for the education of the down trodden team 3 girls were on their way to do some selling of flowers,dth,telephone services.and we 4 boys were on our way to earn through shortcuts by donating blood and raise money.again my ears were bound to hear the shocking news.the hospital does'nt even have a blood bank.our 4 minds were blank like a vaccum.precious Rs.35 were gone for the travelling.we went on to the nearby market to start a so called nano sclae enetrprise in business terms.
         there I saw a small kid doing a child sitting in the freezing weather and doing cobbler work.what the f am i doin one point of time i even thought of cleaning the cars in the hospital parking lot removing my t-shirt hidden under my jersey and show some filmy style of hard core working but attitude,ego n that im an M.B.Aian restricted me.
         I approached a shop owner and got some variants of headcaps and socks of keeping one of my team member as a surity.We went on like a warriors on the battlegound not to fight but 2 plead (in a sense).our very first customer bought a headcap at Rs.55 which was actually Rs.30.i gained confidence but that decreased gradually because that was the first and the last cap sold by my team in 3 hrs.HATSOFF to the sales rep's who never rest their asses and to acheive their targets.
         Evening was full of religious entertainment and my favorite"satsang" included moviesongs,bhajans.and completely immersed in it.  

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