Friday, January 8, 2010


this is the first tym im writing a blog and i dnt know why i wanna create a blog, may be to store all my memories in written format. Today i went to for the 10th auto expo 2010 in my nation's capital and i was very much excited about the day and it turned out to be more than my expectations.from the start of the day 2 da moment i landed on my bed da whole day my eyes was popping out for the dense fog in the morning, diversified models from each and every company in the expo,the BENZ show,the powerful JAGUAR , luxurious LANDROVER and lots more other "MODELS". The crowd was packed ,hitting,stampeding and nothing was running through my mind except the convergence of design n the engineering work of some great minds. the show stpper was undoubtedly the herohonda which by a very diferent and innovative strategy of getting the eyes of the people stare at dat particular waterfall model. Till now i was not at all interested in any of the cars and least bothered about the new entrants in da 4 wheeler sector.but dat will not be da case anymore.

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