Saturday, January 16, 2010


It was a very hectic day.getting up early in the morning @ 6.40,going to the college for the inter college events cuttinh through the dense fog,participating followed by presentation in my college.
       The events were good in the college.i participated in business quiz and management game.though i was qualified for the quarter finals in the business quiz i was not convinced with my performance.talking about the management game, it was all about making a business plan with a virtual amount of 1crore.I and my friend made it but when it came for a presentation,the given 7 min was not sufficient.any way my college won third prize by other team.then i prepared for the marketing presentation in my was debate in the form of presentation.the debate went up to 12.00 in was nice experience attending late night presentations.looking forward for more.
       i made my choice to choose german as the foreign language.some of my friends chose it for the simple reason "papai"-our foreign language prof.learning a foreign language is interesting and the class was reverberating with a variety of sounds and pronounciations.
            time to say GUTE NACHT and SUBE(ZYUSE) TRAUME(THROYEMA)  which mean

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