Sunday, March 18, 2012

Haridwar...masti ka dwar...

These days im not getting interest in blogs may be because of easily updating ur status on social networking sites or nothing interest goin on in my life. My professional is as cool as my personal life is. No worries. No pressure. No schedules. One thing i like about my self is i dont take anything seriously. May be i should change the way i live but till now im happy. Out of the routine life i thought of taking a ride from my life and making it more exciting and adventurous. Hence called on HARIDWAR/RISHIKESH trip. Till the last moment the trip was at the verge of cancellation. No one knows whoz in and whoz out. The members kept on changing. One was in and the other was out. But finally only 5 BOYZ and it was total fun with no discounts. I enjoyed it thoroughly. At the beginning i was little bit skeptical as all around me were very new. I was odd man out. The fun started as we crossed ghaziabad and opened a whiskey bottle and drove all the way sub-consciously. Entered the land of lord of the lords SHIVA. All around the city saints with ash on their forehead, wearing orange color fabric. The evening visited for the aarti and took few dips in the holy river GANGA. That was the first time i took bath in such a chilling cold flowing water. It was amazing. The next day headed for the RISHIKESH. That morning we went on for a ride. An amazing and exciting rafting. 16 kms of stretch covered in 3 hrs. 4 rapids along the journey made our heart beat at about 100 per min. Before we started our rafting there were few instructions (do's and dont's) to be followed by our coach. But i must admit, I was exhausted.It takes lot of stamina to push the water. That rafting made our moments count but left us with long-lasting memories. The rapids were so intense that it hit our face very hard. The river flow between two mountains and the calmness surrounding the place was so soothing that for a moment i forgot the world. The materialistic world. I felt the power of silence. Just the guzzling of the waves. I still now can feel it. Then the time for bungy jumping. I took it very easily but later on it was a nightmare. All set for the bungy and highly exuberant jumping from a height of 83mts. Three different colored ropes falling under the the set of weight categories. My heart was bouncing and i could hear the heart beats. They tied me all the safety standard jackets and ropes. As soon as i was standing at the cliff, my legs started shaking. My blood pressure rose to heights. I was sweating and the conclusion was i signed a suicide note(how fool am i). The next moment, i was in the air, falling and my both arms were in friction with the bungy in other words an intense kiss with the bungy. In next 15 sec i found that i was alive. But that was aweful. My both arms were hot red with the scratches. But no issues. Some memories u need to carry for ur future reference[;)]. At the end as they say u'll get a happy ending. That was what i got. Three very new friends (who no longer are new) with whom i can trust upon. Journeys may be transient but memories stay with u for life long. This was one of those trips.

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